To the best of our knowledge, these products, services, and companies are reputable and of high quality; however, we offer no guarantees, nor can we accept any responsibility or liability for these products, services, and companies.

Telephone Lists:

DO NOT CALL (DNC) & Litigator Scrubbing of Land Lines & Cell Phones:

Telemarketing Attorneys:

If You Need Agents:

  • Philippines: If you want to hire an agent in the Philippines, contact Sarah Dista or Wendy Soriano who can find agents for you, including testing their internet service and screening them. Email: or

Sales Coaching – Script Writing – Appointment Setting – Cold Calling:

  • “Banish Fear and Turn Cold Calls to Cash…” Coaching and books by Wendy Weiss The Queen of Cold Calling
    Tel: 866-220-4242 or 212-799-4389, Web Site:

Telephone & Headset Accessories:

Cloud Storage of Recorded Telephone Calls, etc:

EVS7 desktop products include free recording to your hard drive, or for both our desktop or cloud products you can store your recordings for $5 per month per agent on EVS7’s cloud servers for 60 days. Here are some free/cheap Cloud Storage options:

Goodle Drive –, Dropbox –, MyCloud –, WD Store –, Microsoft Onedrive –


EVS7 software products include built-in recorders for your use to make pre-recorded messages, but if you wish to use recordings from other sources, please see below.

Recording Formats Required

For our VoIP products – 8,000 Sampling Rate, 16 Bit, Mono, Windows PCM (.wav)

For our Dialogic products – 8,000 Sampling Rate, 16 Bit, Mono, A/mu-Law

“Do It Yourself Recording Software”

“WavePad Audio Editing Software” for recording & editing: Search the internet for best pricing.

Recording Talent for Hire

Email and Faxing Software:

Dialogic Telephony Cards (Boards):

Models such as D4PCIUFEQ, D4PCIUFW, D120JCTLSW, D240JCTT1EW, D480JCT2T1EW, both Used/Refurbished and New cards available.
Visit: or Call: 888-256-2343 or 972-713-6622

Custom Computer Systems:

PCs, Computers and Servers with ISA slots and PCI slots available for your legacy hardware and industrial applications.
Visit: or Call: 888-256-2343 or 972-713-6622