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Fox Virtual Answering Service SoftwareModern, cloud-based call handling software for your telephone answering service.

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Answering Service Software in the Cloud

Includes Truly Unlimited Calls in USA and Canada

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TAS Answering Service SoftwareOperate your own Telephone Answering Service (TAS) business using our cloud-based answering service software and phone service. Acting as virtual receptionists, your agents can answer calls and communicate with a wide variety of your clients and their customers.

You can have an unlimited number of clients from all kinds of businesses and organizations. When calls come in for each of your clients, based on Caller ID, a custom client screen pops up for your agent who answers the call. The agent will be able to personalize their greetings as if they are a member of each of your client’s staff. Agents can then transfer calls or take messages and send emails, voicemails, or text messages to those clients.

When ready to begin work, your agents simply log in to your TAS online and can immediately start receiving calls. There is NO software to install and NO telephone lines are needed.

What sets our telephone answering service (TAS) platform apart is the flexibility and ease of use for your answering service managers and live operators. That translates into fewer mistakes, more handled calls and more successfully handled calls. You get all the data and organizational tools you need to maximize your efficiency. You can easily manage multiple clients with different caller IDs and custom scripts. In addition, unlike some other TAS software, you get unlimited calling, with no hidden per-minute charges or excessive usage fees cutting into your bottom line. Cut enormous overhead costs by going virtual with no expensive hardware required.   Our software can provide a competitive advantage for nearly any business with billing reports and direct integration with QuickBooks.  Perfect for call answering for small business, medium business, or enterprise. Call volumes can be small to large because our call center solution provides flexibility to scale call routing as agents can handle multiple calls at once with ease.

Fox Cloud Answering Service Software Screenshots from Beta Version

You’ll have high level cloud-based security for your telephone answering service virtual call center with three managing levels: Executive (Owner), Supervisor, and Agent (Operator).

Management will have access to real time dashboards with a variety of information about client calls and agents. As the owner of this service, you will be able to charge your clients with multiple billing options. (Your clients will never know who we are.) Whether you’re starting a new business or just want to switch from your old, outdated TAS service, we can discuss your needs for TAS software while ensuring your business continuity is not interrupted. We can also show you how it looks and works and how you can customize it yourself for each of your clients.

Requirements to use Fox Telephone Answering Service Software:

  • Broadband Internet Connection (wired is preferable to wireless)
  • Any kind of Computer with a sound card and the ability to access the internet. Examples: Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC, & Chromebook.
  • Wired USB Headset or Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Example: Apple Bluetooth Air Buds)

Answering Service Software Features

  • Virtual Phone to Handle multiple calls at once
  • Easy billing reports
  • Cloud Based
  • Custom scripts & fields
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Advanced automatic call distribution
  • Company Whitelisting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Coaching & Monitoring
  • Email
  • Texting
  • Integrations
  • Call Forwarding

EVS7 Mascot tiger with a headsetWhat makes EVS7 answering service software work so uniquely well for telephone answering services?

Our state of the art software revolves around simplicity and ease of use through web access. The benefit of a cloud based answering service is you don’t need a physical, centrally located call center for it to work. Our virtual receptionist solutions are designed to capitalize on that by making sure any agent can log in quickly no matter where they are. For managers, our software makes supervision and monitoring easy, too, so you can always make sure every answering service agent is observing their custom scripts for the right clients.

                • Omni-channel tools like email and texting are easy for agents to deploy
                • Multi-call handling allows for reduced wait time and better customer experiences

                Our intuitive answering service software is fast and simple to use for everyone in your operation, which keeps costs down and productivity high. More Fox Phone Answering Software features include call forwarding, live answering, oncall scheduling, and call center scripting lead to better customer experiences.

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