Tired of Using an Excel Spreadsheet? Use our Free Cricket CRM
Click to Call from Virtually any Cloud CRM

Less Annoying CRM is also compatible with Cricket.  Simply click numbers directly in Less Annoying CRM to instantly dial.  Drop voicemails, paste call logs and dispos, and much more.

Integration: Cricket, Parrot

The Cricket is a perfect partner for working in Zoho CRM.  Simply click numbers directly in Zoho to instantly dial.  Drop voicemails, paste call logs and dispos, and much more.

Integration: Dolphin, Cricket, Parrot

Salesforce CRM is a truly enterprise level CRM and the Cricket is designed to work inside Salesforce to instantly dial. Drop voicemails, paste call logs and dispos, and much more.

Integration: Cricket, Parrot



Microsoft Dynamics


Bullhorn CRM

The redX

And other Cloud CRMs such as:
amoCRM, Apptivo, Base, Bitrix24, Boomtown, bpm’online, Bullhorn, CampaignerCRM, Capsule, Close.io, Commence, Contractually, FiveCRM, FreeCRM.com, FreshSales, GoldMine Cloud, GreenRope, Hatchbuck, Highrise, Hubspot, InfoFlo, InfoFree CRM101, Infusionsoft, Insightly, Instream, iSEEit, LeadMaster, Maximizer, Method CRM, Mojo, MS Dynamics 365, Nimble, Nutshell, OnContact, OnePageCRM, Oracle NetSuite, PC Recruiter, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, Pipeliner, Podio, ProsperWorks, RayNet, Redtail CRM, Relenta CRM, Sage Act!, Salesboom, Salesbox, Salesflare, Salesnet, SalesNexus, SAP, Streak, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Vtiger, Workbooks, Zurmo, and nearly any web based CRM!

What Is Dialer Integration?

Your automatic dialer is an essential part of your work life. But without the right integration, it’ll never reach its maximum effectiveness.

As a phone sales professional, you need user-friendly tools to seamlessly access relevant customer data as soon as you have a lead on the line. Dialer integration combines the efficiency of your dialer with your CRM system, so you can spend less time fumbling for user information and more time improving customer service experience.

How do your Integrations Work?

You can quickly record any new customer information while you’re on the phone. If a lead doesn’t pick up, the integration software allows you to leave a pre-recorded voicemail with a single click.

  • Cricket: Right out of the box, Cricket is ready to integrate with just about any web based CRM or service. Using the Google Chrome or Firefox plugin, you’ll be able to instantly dial numbers directly inside your CRM. You can paste call notes, dispositions, and call logs into your notes box. No API or complex setup required – it just works.
  • Parrot: As a predictive dialer and cloud call center platform, Parrot allows for integrations using an API, post, or web hook. Some of these integrations may include lead pushes, CRM screen pops, or data syncing. Parrot will integrate with most CRMs/services with an open API.
  • Dolphin: As of now, Dolphin can integrate with Zoho CRM via a lead push. You can click a button in Dolphin to create a new lead directly in Zoho. We have big plans to add more integration options to Dolphin in the future.

How Can It Increase Sales?

When you spend less time searching through customer history and logging activities, you can make more calls throughout your day, allowing you to make more sales. Our dialer integration increases your talk time by up to 300 percent.

Efficiency-saving benefits of our dialer integrations include:

  • Instant dialing
  • Call recording
  • Automatic activity logging
  • Instant voicemails and emails

Have questions? Contact our team to learn more about our dialer integration options.