VoIP Dialer Solutions with EVS7Reducing calling costs and enhancing call center productivity are the primary functions of a VoIP dialer, but that’s not where the benefits end. Top VoIP dialers can perform a plethora of tasks to scale your telemarketing efforts. VoIP dialers are packed with an array of features that outperform manual dialing, allowing more time to your call center agents to focus on converting a prospect – rather than delving their head in complex spreadsheets, picking and dialing numbers one by one. However, the question is if you are making the optimum use of your VoIP dialer platform. The blog post discusses five things your VoIP dialer must do for you.

1. Pacing Algorithm Adjustability

A predictive dialer screens out busy lines, dead numbers and answering machines, before routing the call to an available call center agent. As a person answers the call, there might be some dead air before the conversation begins, depending upon the pacing algorithm of the dialer, which determines the gap between successive calls. Adjustability in the pacing algorithm ensures there is less silent time and more talking time. Therefore, your predictive dialer must be able to help you regulate the dialing speed to ensure a better user experience.

2. Intelligent Dialer Application Integration

Top VoIP dialer applications notably increase the chances of reaching out to prospects during hours of their availability, which increases overall conversions. Intelligent dialer applications increase the power of predictive dialer manifolds, utilizing mathematical formulas to track call details and suggesting suitable times to connect with the prospect. If your business is trying to capitalize every prospect, a VoIP dialer must be an integral part of your IT infrastructure.

3. Supported Modes

Your business might be relying on various aspects of dialing, such as predictive, preview and progressive dialing, to reach out to prospects. Therefore, a top VoIP dialer needs to support other modes apart from predictive dialing to enhance the suitability of different telemarketing campaigns. This is particularly important to ensure there is no conflict after the deployment of the new dialer.

4. Unlimited Calling

If your telemarketing campaign requires a large number of calls, you need to consider the bundled calling options before rating a dialer as a top VoIP dialer. Ensuring that your VoIP gives you unlimited calling is all the most essential if you need to make international calls. Therefore, if such is the case, make sure your dialer gives you unlimited international calls, before you sign on the dotted line.

5. Multi-tasking

Many of your prospective customers may ask for comprehensive details of the product during the call. Therefore, your agent must be able to send messages and one-click emails while still connected to the prospect on call. A top VoIP dialer allows agents to simultaneously perform an array of tasks, which in turn help them deliver a better experience to prospects and enhance conversions.

The Way Forward

VoIP dialers neither require complex IT infrastructure nor come with a massive setup and implementation cost. Despite being remarkably cost-effective, a reliable VoIP dialer can help skyrocket your profits by enhancing the efficiency of your agents. If you are looking for top VoIP dialer solutions to scale your telemarketing efforts, we, at EVS7, are here to help you. Should you wish to learn more about any of the solutions we offer, feel free to get in touch with us for a round of no-obligation consultation.

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