Call Center Campaign Structure Call Center Campaign Structure
In a simple, easy to understand format, see how the Parrot Predictive Dialer & Cloud Call Center is structured to allow for ease of organization and usage.  Learn how lists, leads, in-groups, and user groups tie together on a campaign.

Average Wait Time on a Predictive DialerPredictive Dialer Wait Time & Drop Rate
What factors play into the drop rate and wait time between live outbound calls for agents? See how to optimize your wait time by speaking your Parrot Predictive Dialer settings and say goodbye to high drop rates and slow dials. 

Leaving Pre-Recorded Voicemail Drops
If your team does sales by phone, pre-recorded voicemail drops are an absolute must. Saving time, morale, and increasing your callbacks are huge efficiency boosters. See just how much time voicemail automation can save! 

LOCALPRESENCE DIALINGWhy Local Presence Dialing Works
Does having a local area code when cold calling increase answer rates? Absolutely. We explain why and how to achieve getting customers to answer your call.