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Find the right EVS7 Dialer Services and Products for Your Business.

Parrot Predictive Dialer

Parrot Predictive Dialer & Cloud Call Center is a fantastic all in one dialer platform with outbound, inbound, and blended solutions provided. Built in the cloud, agents can login from anywhere with just a web browser and dial up to 5 lines at a time. Create powerful campaigns, view real time dashboard with advanced reporting, and manage your team all from the cloud.

Solution includes training, setup, and customization to tweak settings for your unique team. Open API allows for further integration with our platforms.

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The Dolphin Power Dialer is a perfect solution for single users and small teams looking for a simple solution to dial lists rapidly. Dolphin calls one number rapidly after another and allows for up to 5 voicemail drops if you reach someone’s answering machine. Ideal for calling warm leads or businesses, Dolphin allows you be fully prepared for each call. No phone line required.

Dialer services allow users to set appointments, send emails, & zoom from one call to the next. Sign up for a free trial today.

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With the Cricket Click Dialer, you can quickly click or highlight to call numbers in your CRM or anywhere on your computer. Make notes in your own CRM platform so you don’t have the manage keeping track of multiple systems. With up to 5 voicemail drops, you’ll always have a consistent message and never have to say the same message over and over when you reach an answering machine.

Cricket includes truly unlimited calling and allows for call transfers and inbound calls as well.

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Koala is a full featured enterprise level CRM system with click to call and voicemail drops to help manage your business and sales team. Fully customized to your needs, Koala comes loaded with features such as drip email, advanced work flow automation, sales and opportunity tracking, group calendars, and much more. Scalable in the cloud, Koala offers tools to help you focus on growth.

Lead scoring, forecasting, and website integration allow for an all in one solution with robust reporting.

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