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Our Do Not Call Scrubber is a free tool to help you remove the DNC numbers from your lists before you start calling. Ensure DNC compliance and save time call scrubbing with this free resource. Our DNC scrubbing software does not come with any US Federal Do Not Calls lists because those lists are updated daily by the US Government and they require you to sign up and download them yourself from the Federal Trade Commission web site:  They do not charge you for the first 5 area codes that you download. They do however charge beyond 5 area codes. (A few States also have their own DNC lists.) Here is more information from the FTC: 

Note: If you prefer to just have your lists scrubbed for you, The DNC Project offers that service for an affordable fee: 

You may question whether or not your company needs a DNC scrubber. To be clear, if you are selling any goods and services over the phone, you cannot call someone on the Do Not Call list for this purpose. It does not matter whether you dress the call up with a survey, a giveaway or by providing useful information to the call recipient. If you try to sell them something, the call is covered by the provisions of the Do Not Call Registry. If you are merely collecting information, as with a survey, and not trying to actually sell a product or service, the call is probably not protected by Do Not Call list provisions.

How the Tool Works

After downloading the tool, upload your calling list and the DNC list. The tool then scrubs the list for numbers on the DNC list, the end result being a new calling list with no DNC numbers. Remember, to make use of the DNC scrubber, you must have an account with the National Do Not Call Registry. To get one, go to: or To date, the FTC has brought 118 enforcement actions of the Do Not Call (DNC) provision of the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). Those companies include:

  • Dish Network
  • A medical alert company
  • A Florida-based cruise line

Some of the settlements these companies have had to make were in the millions, with the largest ever settlement being $7.5 million. Do not be one those companies. The best way to avoid being one of these companies is to have the most effective DNC scrubber possible. A DNC scrubber is what keeps the calls on your call list off the National Do Not Call List to protect you against an extremely costly DNC violation.

What is the Do Not Call List?

The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of consumers who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls. Individuals are able to sign up permanently for free and file for complaints if they continue to receive calls after being on the list for 31 days. Scammers often ignore the DNC list. If your legitimate business continues to make calls to numbers on that registry, not only could you receive action against you by the FTC, consumers could perceive your company as a scam.  Remember, the DNC list applies to calling consumer, not to B2B Telemarketing efforts.  Separate CAN SPAM rules apply for consumer email lists and b2b email databases.

In the age of the Internet, sharing information is easy. Bad reviews for overlooking the DNC list could lead to a loss of reputation. To avoid that, EVS7 is offering you a free tool to assist in eliminating numbers in your phone lists that are on the DNC list: the DNC Scrubber. DNC scrubbing is a way to remove names and numbers that appear on federal, state and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) lists from your company’s call lists.

Without this type of service, a call could easily slip through, and you can be sure that if an individual who has requested placement on a Do Not Call list gets a call from you, the government will hear about it. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or intentional.

If you still need help after watching our videos, EVS7 offers live phone support for $20 per half hour.  Please email to inquire about help.

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    DNC Scrubber

    Requires Windows 7 or higher, a telephone list, the FTC Do Not Call list, and any necessary State or Cell Phone Do Not Call Lists. By using the DNC Scrubber properly, you can be FTC compliant with the DNC Provision of the TSR. However, as you can see, the DNC is only a provision of the TSR. There are many other rules that you must follow as a telemarketer. Below we have provided a few resources to help ensure that your business is compliant.

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