Inbound Call Center Software in the Cloud

Octopus Custom Cloud Call Center is flexible to meet your simple or sophisticated needs!

Complete all in one software to receive, transfer, and handle calls from anywhere.

No startup fees, telephone lines, or expensive equipment.

Inbound Call Center Software in the Cloud

Inbound Contact Center Software

Includes 24/7 Inbound & Outbound Calling to the USA & Canada with no Per-Minute Charges & no Contracts

Our inbound and outbound calling products have been purchased by thousands of businesses such as these:

We’ll help you design your Call Center around your needs!

We’ll help you design your Call Center around your needs!

Why choose EVS7 for your call center or answering service?

Inbound Call Routing

Calls either route to the next agent available or can be answered with a click.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, cloud-based products with an interface designed with managers and agents in mind.

Time Based Conditions

Set the calling schedules for your clients with conditions and rules based on times and dates.


Agents can work from home or from an office building. Login from anywhere with internet access!

Handle More Calls

State of the art technology allows for more efficient call handling.

Reporting & Analytics

Quickly see where your agents excel and see where they have room for improvement.

Inbound Call Center Software: How it Works

Agents can login from anywhere and immediately start handling calls with just a computer, USB headset, and internet connection.  Managers can monitor results, update settings, and view reports.

It’s vital that calls can be managed and handled in a timely fashion, and with Octopus, agents will have all the information they need on the screen to handle calls efficiently.

Depending on the size of your business, your agents may field hundreds or thousands of calls every month. Every time an agent takes a call, it’s an opportunity for that person to solidify a relationship with an existing client or establish the groundwork that will convert an inquiring prospect into a long-term customer.

EVS7’s inbound call center software has the potential to elevate your business to the “next level,” with the tools to manage agents and the flexibility to accommodate your unique call center needs. 

Great for any type of inbound call center including insurance, executive suites, business centers, coworking spaces, service offices, office suites, and dispatchers.

Cloud Based Call Center Agent

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