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The Parrot solution is perfect for a flexible inbound call center.  Using the power of the cloud, you can manage your call center and agents from anywhere in the world with just a web browser.  Take control of your business with powerful inbound campaigns (and outbound and blended if needed), robust reporting, flexible ring groups, and skills based routing.  You’ll be able to setup an IVR system and flexible ring groups so the right inbound calls go to the right agents.  Live transfers and music on hold ensure your customers and prospects have a great experience.   The ideal solution for service or sales oriented call centers.

  • Powerful inbound call center software for service or sales
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to connect customers with your agents quickly
  • Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to direct calls to agents appropriately
  • Up to one free local or tollfree inbound number (DID) per agent included
  • Create campaigns, ring groups, inbound teams to manage your call center efficiently
  • Advanced reporting, coaching, and monitoring helps you measure agent productivity
  • Warm transfers and blind transfers to different groups or closers
  • Cost effective no contract pricing: Just $129/agent per month

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Benefits of Inbound Call Center Software

What are the advantages of using a cloud-based system for your inbound dialer needs? An inbound call center is a unique operation that works best when it is efficiently managed and organized. As opposed to an outbound or blended call center – which are also easily and efficiently served by a Parrot cloud call center system – this type of call center is set up specifically to take incoming phone calls from clients. These calls could represent technical support for a product your company sells, calls whose purpose is to purchase your company’s goods or services, or calls to ask questions and get more information about your product or service.

It may seem that the needs of an inbound call center are not as great as an outbound call center, where your employees are diligently attempting to convert as many leads as possible into sales. However, customer retention and satisfaction are critical to sustaining a business, and these areas are where strong inbound call-center software like our Parrot solution can make a massive difference.

The most important focus of your inbound call center should be customer service. What form does this take? There are a number of metrics you should look at to see if you are making your clients happy. The better you understand these ideas, the easier it is to see how Parrot inbound call-center software can help your business. They include:

  • Wait Time: The longer your callers have to wait to connect, the less happy they are likely to be.

  • Call Time: While some callers may want to chat, most will just want to get their business done and move on with their day as soon as possible.

  • First Call Resolution: If the customer can get their need met without having to call back or without being transferred to another employee up the chain, that’s a win.

  • Customer Satisfaction: If the customer perceives the recipient of their call as friendly and helpful, and they feel the issue has been or is on its way to being resolved by the end of the call, you are likely to have a satisfied customer.

Parrot inbound call-center software can help your company master many of these aspects of the call-center dynamic. Automatic call distribution reduces wait time, while call monitoring allows your supervisors to help agents improve their customer satisfaction skills. Since agents can log on from anywhere at any time, you’ll have an easier time matching up the right agent with the caller who needs them, when they need them.

Inbound dialer software is the wave of the future. Ride that wave and manage your calls more efficiently with Parrot.

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