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Inside Sales Software

Powerful Inside Sales Acceleration Software

Sales reps can login to start power dialing or follow up on leads.  Agents will hear the phone ring, and when a live person answers, will hear them say “Hello” and can speak to them immediately. Inside sales software is being utilized as an effective way to maximize business. Being able to contact multiple leads via phone and email and text is far more effective than trying to make face-to-face sales. In the time it takes a salesperson to track down a customer and talk them into a sale, a sales rep at a call center using a script can contact and convert many more leads. Having a built in power dialer takes this to the next level by using the advanced VoIP technology of inside-sales software to streamline the process of calling more numbers in less time. This makes your inside sales more efficient and increases your bottom line.

How does Dolphin bring significantly increased efficiency to your business?

The main advantage of an inside-sales call center is multiple agents contacting multiple leads in a shorter time frame. This sales force automation means many more conversions, a lower cost of acquisition for customers, and the ability of supervisors to monitor, guide, and script dialer behavior to more effectively convert leads. The CRM enhances each of these benefits, improving performance management and increasing productivity. The ability of agents to log into the system and begin making calls from anywhere at any time – using the system’s CRM to pinpoint prospects – as well as one-click calling and lightning-fast data access, means a much greater speed of contacting leads. The lack of need to provide a central location, hardware, or on-site supervision for dialers means much lower costs. The system’s wide range of data collection allows supervisors to easily monitor, whisper and participate in calls, allowing for improved conversion techniques. Everything that inside-sales call centers make great, Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer software makes better.

Power Dialer

Your Industry and Inside Sales Software

Industries that can see tremendous benefits from this type of inside-sales software obviously include traditional sales operations like insurance, real estate, solar, and financial services, but also industries you may not have considered. For example, travel-based companies can benefit tremendously from inside sales, allowing businesses to identify potential leads that would be most interested in opportunities and information about available travel packages. Nonprofits, which rely on high-volume donations, are another industry that can be helped tremendously by Dolphin. Cosmetic medical procedures, like LASIK or plastic surgery, are another area in which more service companies are turning to inside sales to locate and convert strong leads and get the word out about their offerings. The truth is, just about any company that offers goods and services and could benefit from high-volume sales, can benefit from cloud based dialer solutions.

Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

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Includes truly unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

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Work Flows

Build work flows based on call disposition & lead status to send automated emails, move leads, or push data.

Call Transfers

Quickly blind or warm transfer phone calls to closers and external numbers while music plays on hold.


Follow up on leads, view a calendar, and manage your contacts with the cloud CRM.

Email & Texting

Send emails or sms texts with a click to prospects or customers while on the phone or following up.

API Integration

Open API for receiving leads or sending data into other platforms.

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Once you add your leads, simply update caller ID, custom fields, and settings.

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Quickly call contacts or prospects, follow up on leads as needed.

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View reports, manage your sales reps, coach and monitor to maximize efficiency.

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