Parrot Predictive Dialer is rated 5/5 stars based on 24 reviews on Capterra.

  • Flexibile predictive hosted dialer solutions to control, manage, and move groups of agents quickly
  • Preview and power modes available for high quality leads
  • Manage time-clock and agent hours logged for payroll
  • Open API allows for data export to CRM & custom forms to save time from manual entry
  • Automatic Call Distribution for handling inbound calls
  • Customize caller ID for each unique campaign

$ 129 .00
Per Month

$150 One Time Cost
For Setup & Training
Minimum 3 Agents
Up to 5 Lines/Agent

Predictive Dialer Software: Why Parrot is the Right Choice

Why Choose Parrot?

  • Take Control of Your Business Our hosted predictive dialer software calls on up to 5 lines simultaneously per agent all using the power of the cloud. It automatically screens out busy numbers, no answers, disconnected numbers, and answering machines (if you wish) to ensure your agents are productive. With the predictive dialer solutions drop call statistics, you’ll have complete transparency on your compliance with the FTC.
  • Customer Success with Parrot Predictive Dialer We love our customers and value their success. When you choose to fly with the Parrot, our friendly Dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you through the setup process and prepare your operation for liftoff. The onboarding process consists of training, dialing customization to your needs, agent and group setup, and integration if needed. We want to build a long term relationship, and we know that if you’re not successful, that won’t happen.
  • Cost Efficiency & Scale Our system is designed to scale with your business as you grow and add agents. Unlike most other dialers, you won’t pay hidden fees or per minute charges. Parrot offers truly unlimited calling and managers logins are always free. We don’t try to hide our prices, we’re proud of them.

Benefits of Using Parrot

  • Modern Predictive Dialer Software with Flexibility EVS7 offers cutting edge predictive dialer software to help businesses reach the right target audience, maximize the valuable talk time, and improve productivity. Agents or managers can log in from anywhere. VoIP and hosted predictive dialer solutions provide real-time monitoring, live call transfers, call recording and plenty of other features to enhance outbound productivity. Your agents can easily set call backs to stay organized with the Parrot Dialer. Making warm or cold transfers to another agent or closer is a breeze.
  • How Does the Predictive Dialer Work? Predictive dialing software uses mathematical formulas to dial many lines in order to find live customers or prospects for your agents to speak with to maximize productivity. Inbound calls are given priority for callbacks or closer groups for the quickest response. Analyze the average wait time between calls, drop rate, productivity statistics, and much more. Say no to wasted calls and boost the productivity of your team by integrating a reliable and business-centric cloud-based automatic dialer software in the process. Our predictive dialer software solution helps to take your lead generation and customer retention rate to the next level and realize your growth plans.

EVS7 is Trusted By Thousands of Clients Including

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Fast Delivery & Affordable Service

  • Ability to Dial Predictively in a Campaign

  • Fully Hosted Dialer System

  • Real Time Monitoring/Coaching/Whisper

  • Record Calls to Protect Yourself & Clients

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • Live Call Transfers

  • Display any Caller ID

  • Responsive Support Team

  • Display a script with Dynamic Fields

  • Inbound & Blended Calling

  • Manual/Preview Dialing Available

  • Custom Dispositions per Campaign

  • CRM Integration to Streamline Processes

  • User Level Hierarchy

How Can Parrot Call Center & Cloud-Predictive Dialer Help You?

Let’s say you’re an experienced call center manager trying to move into the modern age with a cloud-based calling center and predictive dialer. It’s a smart choice. Trying to succeed with a call center without predictive dialer services in this day and age is not cost effective or efficient. But if you’ve never managed a cloud-based calling center before, you may be nervous. That’s where EVS7 and the Parrot system really shine.

Not only is the software intuitive and extremely easy for your agents to use, it is designed to maximize manager control. You have access to top-level support if you ever do have a question that needs a quick, clear answer. Any industry can really benefit from predictive dialer services because of the flexibility for both outbound and inbound dialing. To stay competitive today, blended dialing with predictive capability is the most cost effective way to maximize sales or service efforts.

The Parrot predictive dialer system prepares up to 5 lines dialing at a time for each agent in ready mode. Want to really speed things up? Turn on features such as answering machine detection or IVR technology for inbound calls — then watch your call numbers and level of customer support soar sky high. Equipped with a management portal, supervisors can also view and listen to their agent’s call activity in real-time. Because your campaigns, calls lists, contact management tools, reports, and even your agent’s are “in the Cloud,” keeping everything organized all in one place and predicting your success — is easy.

Why Do You Need a Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer for Your Business?

Parrot Predictive Dialer & Cloud Call Center is a professional and convenient way for managing your call center campaigns and team of agents so your business stays fully optimized whether it’s operating in-house or remotely. Dialing up to 5 lines per agent and selectively routing calls based on chosen criteria or agent expertise — your business will literally make the most quality outbound and/or inbound connections it can in the shortest amount of time possible with Parrot Predictive Dialer.

In the days of outbound calling before predictive dialer solutions, agents would call number after number by hand, hoping to get a live person on the other end. This wasted untold amounts of time between waiting to see if they’d made a live connection and hanging up and redialing the next number after the call.

A predictive dialer takes the telephone out of the equation entirely. With predictive dialers, a computer does all the calling, increasing efficiency and simply transfers live calls to the next agent available. The features of Parrot-hosted dialer solutions can help you maximize efficiency so you can truly get the most out of your call center. Thanks to the predictive dialer’s algorithm, you can roll multiple live calls one after the other, with virtually no loss of productivity. Many industries can benefit tremendously from the Parrot cloud calling system. Others include insurance, real estate, lead generation, health care, finance and just about any business that sells a product or service or requires phone calls.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

Predictive dialers accurately estimate when your agents will be available to field the next call and dial phone numbers for them. As your automated predictive dialer places more calls for your agents, it will anticipate even more precisely when they’ll be free to take the next call. Your dialer will take into account factors such as the length of time it takes for calls to be answered, how long conversations between your agents and live prospects last and the overall dialing success rate. It will then adjust its algorithms for placing calls accordingly.

When your predictive dialer is placing calls for your agents, it will detect whether a call is answered by a person or something like a fax machine or voicemail system. Your dialer will block calls that aren’t answered by a live person from being routed to your agents and make note of the numbers that should be called again while only directing calls answered by people to your agents. This capability can drastically reduce the amount of time your team spends disconnecting from unsuccessful dials and radically increase the time your agents spend communicating with actual clients and prospects.

To learn more about predictive dialers and our dialer support, contact EVS7 now!

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