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Predictive Dialer – World Class Predictive Dialing Software

Increase your calling efforts by 400% with Parrot Predictive Dialer and watch your productivity grow.

Predictive Dialer - World Class Predictive Dialing Software

Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer Software: How it Works

Our hosted predictive dialer software calls on up to 5 lines simultaneously per agent all using the power of the cloud. It automatically screens out busy numbers, no answers, disconnected numbers, and answering machines (if you wish) to ensure your agents are productive. With the predictive dialer solutions drop call statistics, you’ll have complete transparency on your compliance with the FTC.

Predictive dialing software uses mathematical formulas to dial many lines in order to find live customers or prospects for your agents to speak with to maximize productivity. Inbound calls are given priority for callbacks or closer groups for the quickest response. Analyze the average wait time between calls, drop rate, productivity statistics, and much more. Say no to wasted calls and boost the productivity of your team by integrating a reliable and business-centric cloud-based automatic dialer software in the process. Our predictive dialer software solution helps to take your lead generation rate to the next level and realize your growth plans.

Our system is designed to scale with your business as you grow and add agents. Unlike most other dialers, you won’t pay hidden fees or per minute charges. Parrot offers truly unlimited calling and managers logins are always free. We don’t try to hide our prices, we’re proud of them.

  • Flexible predictive hosted dialer solutions to control, manage, and move groups of agents quickly
  • Preview and power modes available for high quality leads
  • Web Forms & Open API allows for data export to CRM & custom forms to save time from manual entry
Predictive Dialer


We love our customers and value their success. When you choose to fly with the Parrot, our friendly Dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you through the setup process and prepare your operation for liftoff. The onboarding process consists of training, dialing customization to your needs, agent and group setup, and integration if needed. We want to build a long term relationship, and we know that if you’re not successful, that won’t happen.


  • Automatic Call Distribution for handling inbound calls
  • Customize caller ID for each unique campaign
  • Monitor or whisper coach during live calls

The right price for your team

Includes unlimited outbound and inbound calling on up to 5 lines per agent.

$129.00 / mo

Per Seat

Requires 3 seats minimum
$150 one time setup per account
$5 extra for cloud call recording

Free Trial

Parrot Predictive Dialer

Parrot Predictive Dialer Parrot Predictive Dialer

See Patriot Energy used the Parrot to generate sales making 75,000 calls per week.

The predictive dialer is designed for agents and managers.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Fully Cloud-Based

No downloads or phone lines required. All you need is a computer with Chrome, USB headset, and internet connection.

Inbound & Blended Calling

In addition to outbound, Parrot offers blended dialing mode that allows for outbound and inbound together.

Warm Transfers

Perform blind or warm transfers to closers and external numbers while music on hold plays.

Preview & Power Dialing

Use preview and power dialing in campaigns in which you have hot leads or agents need preparation.


Setup automatic emails via disposition to streamline your best practices for contact and following up.

API & Integration

API available for receiving leads, sending data into other platforms, and more.

Satisfied Users

Easy Setup

Power Dialer CSV Upload
Schedule a Setup Meeting

Meet with our support team. Update your caller ID, create a campaign, and then map your list to the Parrot.

Predictive Dialer Agent
Start Predictive Dialing

Agents can login, get in “ready” mode, and the dialer will start generating live calls for them.

Control Your Results

Manage your team, view reports, and stay organized using the cloud CRM and coaching tools.

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