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ZoomCalls VoIP Phone Service

Let’s face it: Phone calls are the lifeblood of your business. Whether you sell products or services, customers want to call you. They want to check to see that you’re legitimate, place orders or ask questions. And you want to make outbound calls too. You need to get in touch with your team, reach out to vendors and even call for pizza when everyone is working late.

Business calls are really important. Unreliable lines or phone lines without the services you need can be embarrassing and could be driving away your business. When you need reliable phone service with honest pricing for your business, check out ZoomCalls.

What Is ZoomCalls?

ZoomCalls VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) from Electronic Voice Services (EVS7) will allow you to get a business line using internet lines rather than phone lines. This setup will enable you to avoid the high fees charged by phone companies and let you enjoy feature-rich phones designed for the way you do business.

What Makes ZoomCalls Different?

ZoomCalls is a VoIP phone system that’s different from the rest. ZoomCalls:

  • Will save you money: ZoomCalls knows you’re in business to make money, not lose it. We make sure our services are affordable so that you can make the calls you need to make to succeed big.
  • Is a VoIP system with no hidden fees or bill surprises: Our business VoIP phone service comes with no hidden fees or extra costs. The price we agree to is the price you’ll see on your bill each month. EVS7 doesn’t use bait and switch tactics, and we offer a low price for unlimited inbound and outbound calls, so you can chase leads and build your business with confidence.
  • Comes with no contract: We don’t need to lock you into a long-term contract because we’re not hiding anything. We know we offer amazing prices, great value and terrific service. It’s why so many customers stay with us year after year. We want you with us because you’re thrilled to be a ZoomCalls customer, not because you’ve signed a contract.
  • Can give you unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada: Enjoy more clients and do business with more vendors by being able to call between the two countries. Never worry about long-distance charges or additional costs for too many calls. One flat fee per month will cover it all, so you can budget effectively.
  • Will let you choose toll-free or local numbers: Whether most of your customers are local and want a familiar number to call or you want everyone to be able to reach you toll-free, the choice is yours!
  • Will let you keep your existing number: Do you have a number your customers are already familiar with and that’s already all over your marketing materials and business cards? No worries. ZoomCalls offers porting of numbers over from phone companies at no charge.
  • Offers standard features at no charge: These features include call waiting, voicemail, an auto attendant, transfer to voicemail, conference calling, call recording, call transfer, call forwarding, intercom, music on hold and more.

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