Dial a phone number in Salesforce in less than 1 second with no complicated API Integration

EVS7 is excited to announce you can upgrade your Salesforce CRM with Cricket, a powerful softphone application and plugin that works right inside your Google Chrome or Firefox internet browser. Cricket Salesforce CTI Integration makes calling your leads incredibly easy and hands-free, empowering your sales team to dial a telephone number in less than 1 second, increasing agent productivity

When you want to zoom through your call lists, all you have to do is click a telephone number in Salesforce, and Cricket dials it for you instantly. You won’t believe how simple it is until you try it. The Cricket works with any number you want to call in your CRM using our VoIP technology.

Salesforce is Consistently Rated as One of the Best CRM Tools, But… It lacks some important functions the Cricket proudly does feature:

But actually, Salesforce can do all of those thingswith Cricket computer telephony integration for Salesforce.
In fact, you get a lot more with the Cricket Salesforce Softphone:

  • Your very own SoftPhone inbound line with your choice of a local or toll free phone number. When calls come in, you can either answer or reject and send the caller to voicemail and get their message by email.
  • Caller ID to display any legitimate 10-digit Caller ID you wish when you make calls.
  • Recording conversations
  • Transfer and 3 way conference calls to anyone in the USA or Canada
  • Optional tool for supervision of agents for silently monitoring, whisper coaching, barging in, and recording your agents’ conversations.
  • No long setup periods or complicated APIs — it works instantly with Google Chrome and Firefox plugin.
  • Top-notch customer service and training. Cricket is incredibly easy to use, but if you require our help, we will assist you absolutely free by phone or video tutorials, whichever you prefer. You can’t beat that.

Escape “Voicemail Land” with Cricket’s Voicemail Drops

Cricket takes your Salesforce softphone functionality to a new level. Cricket automates voicemails so you can skip the answering machine experience almost entirely! Record and save as many personalized messages as you want, and store up to 5 of them at a time in the Cloud.

Here’s how it works: After hearing an answering machine’s “beep,” you say the person’s name, “Hi John,” and then simply click the message you want your lead to hear on their voicemail and you’re done! Your messages will sound fresh and personalized each time, and since they hear their name, they’re more likely to listen and call you back. Then, get this — the Cricket is free to instantly dial the next number in your CRM while your message is still playing on the previous lead’s answering machine. It’s like calling multiple people simultaneously with your Salesforce Softphone. Ah, pure magic!

With the Cricket, you never have to think of what to say the next time you reach an answering machine or feel the dread of repeating yourself from one call to the next. You just click it with the Cricket. It’s that simple.

Keep In Mind The 3.7 hours wasted on punching in 13,200 digits per month, and the 8.8 hours wasted on voicemails per month is only for one single agent. Imagine how much time and money is being thrown down the drain from businesses with multiple agents. Yikes!

Stop Working So Hard Just Click It with the Cricket CTI for Salesforce

If you’re still dialing by hand or copying and pasting numbers into your current dialer software, you’re working harder than you have to. Calling your leads should be effortless and fast, and our VoIP Salesforce Softphone does exactly that. When you log a call in Salesforce, it happens fast. Surprisingly though, it takes most people about 10 seconds to hand dial a telephone number because it involves the repetition of several steps:

1. Picking up your telephone.

2. Searching the computer screen for your lead’s telephone number.

3. Punching in the first 3 to 6 digits that you could remember on your phone’s keypad.

4. Reverting your eyes back to the computer screen to gather the last remaining digits.

5. And lastly, entering those digits into your phone so it finally begins dialing your lead’s telephone number.


Phew! Clicking with a softphone Salesforce system is much much simpler and quicker.

Want to Know Something Crazy?

Hand dialing telephone numbers is a huge waste of your time, energy, and money. Here’s proof: The average salesperson works 22 days a month. By only making a conservative 60 calls per day to 10-digit telephone numbers, you’re punching in 13,200 individual digits per month on your phone’s keypad. With the Cricket, that number becomes zero because you never have to hand dial a telephone number. You just click it with the Cricket.

Keeping the same variables from above (60 calls per day for 22 days), you’re essentially forced to hand dial 1,320 phone numbers per month. Because it takes 10 seconds to hand-dial each telephone number, you’re literally wasting 3.7 hours per month punching in digits on your phone’s keypad. With the Cricket, that number also becomes zero because you never have to hand dial a telephone number. You just click it with the Cricket.

It Gets Even Crazier

On average, 80% of all sales calls go to “Voicemail Land,” a dark and lonely place where only the bravest of sales reps wander. At a conservative 60 calls a day (for 22 days), you’re making a whopping 48 voicemails every single day — or 1,056 voicemails per month. Because each message averages 30 seconds in length, you end up wasting 8.8 hours per month on leaving voicemails. Isn’t that crazy? Of course with the Cricket, that number becomes zero because you don’t speak your message — you just click it with the Cricket. If you’re not using Salesforce VOIP integration in your business, you’re almost certainly losing time and money. But even if you are, as good as Salesforce is, CTI integration with Salesforce is even better. So if you already like Salesforce, you’ll love it with the Cricket. We guarantee it.

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