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EVS7 presents robust and reliable VoIP dialing software solutions to help businesses reduce their calling costs and enhance productivity. Packed with extensive features to help agents, our VoIP web dialer solutions allow real-time monitoring to let you take full control of your business. Besides cutting on the calling cost, the solutions also reduce the time agents spend on connecting with live prospects, increasing efficiency.

What Is VoIP Calling Software?

VoIP softphone, CRM with VoIP and other VoIP dialer software applications are a way of making calls without using a traditional phone or phone lines. A VoIP dialer uses your existing internet hookup to make calls, saving you money and making VoIP CRM integration, cloud center calling and seamless online management and supervision of your telemarketing operation possible.

How Do VoIP Call Center Solutions Work?

When you use EVS7 VoIP for a call center, your inbound, outboud, or blended call center becomes entirely digital, meaning there’s no need to keep all your dialers in a single physical location. Wherever your agents can access a computer and use the internet, they can log into your VoIP calling software set up and start working. At the same time, your supervisor is able to monitor and connect to all calls from an independent location.

Why Deploy a VoIP Web Dialer?

Our VoIP web dialer solutions offer a cost-effective way for businesses to extend their market reach, without going overboard with calling costs. Here are a few more reasons why businesses need to deploy a VoIP dialer for call center:

  • Simple integration with existing CRM
  • Unlimited calls within a geographic area
  • Make calls or send message or do both simultaneously
  • Easy accessibility of accounts from anywhere in the world

Why is a hosted VoIP dialer better than alternative call center solutions? Quite simply, because there are no real alternative call center solutions. Maintaining a physical call center with traditional telephones is dramatically more expensive and less efficient than using a cloud-based call center with VoIP dialer software. It would be like outfitting all of your offices with manual typewriters instead of computers.

It’s simply a matter of which VoIP calling software to use, and with our decades of experience, wide variety of VoIP calling software services and low pricing structure, EVS7 is really the only choice to consider.

Who Benefits From VoIP Call Center Solutions?

Any business that makes use of telemarketing services, that moves product through volume sales techniques or that simply needs to make or receive many calls a day can benefit dramatically from VoIP calling software. From healthcare organizations that need to quickly make contact with patients, doctors and insurers, to companies selling a specific product that they need to get the word out about to as many people as possible, to financial services companies that need to close investor leads to flourish, VoIP calling software services can help businesses do it faster and better.

In the time it takes a telemarketer using a traditional phone without EVS7 software to make one call, someone using VoIP calling software might go through five or ten potential leads, leaving messages for those who aren’t there and not wasting time with hang-ups or unanswered calls. And because you have no physical capacity limitations, there’s virtually no limit on how many callers you can hire, so if you make money with every dialer you have working, with VoIP calling software, you just have to decide how much money you want to make.

EVS7 Product Feature Comparisons

Below is a comparison of our products for our VoIP Dialers, Call Center Software, and Sales Management CRM tools.  We encourage you to compare us to our competitors so you’ll see how much you get from our products.  All of our features are designed with users in mind to provide as much value as possible towards reaching your end goals.

  • Save precious time by increasing agent efficiency
  • Close more leads, win more deals, and stop letting prospects slip away
  • Reach 4 times as many prospects and customers
  • Take control of your business and boost your sales and profits

VoIP Dialer Features

Our Dialers are packed full of features to benefit your sales teams, agents, and business to help you build an effective, efficient, sales generating call center.

Cricket Click Dialer Cricket Click Dialer
Dolphin Power Dialer Dolphin Power Dialer
Koala Cloud Call Center Cloud Call Center
Primary UsesFor one click calling phone numbers on spreadsheets, emails, web sites, and online CRMsFor power dialing big lists of phone numbers, one after the otherFor marketing with a robust cloud-based CRM with click and progressive dialing and inbound call screen-pops
Outbound LineIncludedIncludedIncluded
Inbound Softphone LineLocal or Tollfree NumberLocal or Tollfree NumberLocal or Tollfree Number
VoIP Phone Service Included:Yes, No Phone Line NeededYes, No Phone Line NeededYes, No Phone Line Needed
Calling Plan to USA & CanadaTruly Unlimited CallsTruly Unlimited CallsTruly Unlimited Calls
You May Call From WhereAnywhere in the WorldAnywhere in the WorldAnywhere in the World
Telemarketing DelaysNo "“Hello, Hello?”"No “"Hello, Hello?”"No "“Hello, Hello?”"
Predictive Dialer Dropped CallsNo Dropped CallsNo Dropped CallsNo Dropped Calls
Custom Caller ID Display
Click To Call
Calls Can Be Recorded
Live Call Transfers/Conference Calls
One Click Pre-recorded Voicemail
Incoming Voicemails Emailed
Call/Agent Reports
Coaching & Monitoring (optional $99)
Power or Progressively Dial Lists-
Import/Export Phone Lists-
Do Not Call Scrubber--
Inbound Call Screen Pops--

Sales & Lead Management Features

Included in our VoIP dialer products and CRM are built in lead management and tracking features that are incredibly robust, but also easy to use.

Dolphin Power Dialer Dolphin Power Dialer
Koala Cloud CRMCloud Call Center
Koala CRM + Call Center Cloud Call Center
Custom ReportingBasicRobustRobust
Customizable Scripts
Customizable Dispositions
Call Back Scheduling
Pre-scripted E-mailing
Drip Email Campaigns-
Email Tracking-
Outlook Integration-
Real Time Sales Dashboard-
ROI Analysis-
Round Robin Lead Assignment-
Sales Territory Management-
Customer Surveys-
Marketing Automation-
Opportunity Management-
Lead Nurturing-
Workflow Automation-
Business Rules Automation-
Task Management Automation-
Custom Forms-
Website Lead Capture-
Dynamic Quick Action Automation-
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