Things to Know Before Choosing Your VoIP Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone services will allow you to enjoy phone services delivered via the internet. You can take advantage of cost savings, greater flexibility and plenty of features. The right VoIP provider will allow you to have professional phone services for your business without worrying about price. However, the wrong VoIP service can be a headache. To find the perfect fit, make sure you understand the following:

  • The features you need: Before choosing a VoIP provider, make sure you understand whether you need call waiting, long-distance calling, hold music or other features. When comparing providers, check to make sure they have the features you need and some that would be nice to have. Also, make sure you understand how much these features cost. Some providers, such as ZoomCalls from EVS7, offer standard features at no charge.
  • The real price: Some service providers charge extra for setup, long distance, added features, use above a certain level and more. Make sure you understand any extra fees you’ll be charged before choosing. Or, choose a no-surprises company such as EVS7, which doesn’t charge any hidden fees.
  • The costs (if any) of keeping your current number: Changing your number can be a pain. You may already have it in your marketing and on your business cards. Changing it everywhere can take weeks and cost a lot of money. Look for providers offering number porting.
  • Some providers demand you sign a contract: Be wary of companies that want to lock you into a contract for months or years, especially if the fine print indicates that the price can go up. You don’t want to be stuck with a provider you’re not enthusiastic about just because you signed a piece of paper.
  • Your business phone needs will change: Look for a flexible VoIP service and provider. Over time, you may need to add a toll-free line, more features or different features. You may need to move offices or make more calls. Look for a VoIP service provider and service ready to grow with you that offers the flexibility to ensure you always have the phone setup you need.
  • Any integration needs you have: Consider how your phone service will work with your customer relationship management (CRM) or other SaaS or services you have.
  • You may want help with setup and service: When you have a question or are just getting used to the system, where can you turn for help? How long does it take to get answers? EVS7 answers the phone live from 8am to 5:30pm CT, M-F, and setup is so simple that you won’t need a tech department.
  • Not all providers stick around: The risk with a new provider is that they may go out of business, leaving you without the services you need. EVS7 has been in business since 1993 and has many top ratings and enthusiastic clients, so you know they have the expertise you can rely on.

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