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  • Prices include your choice of a LOCAL or TOLL FREE telephone number.
  • Charge of $30 each if you wish to port any of your existing telephone numbers IN or OUT from or to other telephone companies.
  • There are NO additional charges except for sales tax if you are located in Texas.

ZoomCalls VoIP

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Caller ID Number

    Display any legitimate Caller ID

  • Voicemail

    Calls not answered go to voicemail and the message can be emailed to you.

  • IVR – Auto Attendant

    Automatically answers with menu choices.

  • Hunt Groups

    Calls roll over to next available line.

  • Follow Me

    Calls ring one phone, but if no answer, it rings another phone # for that person.

  • Call Forward

    Forward to another extension or to any US or Canadian phone number.

  • Conference Calling

    Talk with multiple people simultaneiously.

  • Call Waiting

    If another call comes in while you are on a call, you hear a beep notifying you of the other call.

  • Call Transfer

    Can be either Announced or Blind transfer.

  • Transfer to Voicemail

    Send a call directly to a voicemail box.

  • Eavesdrop (Call Monitoring)

    Secretly listen to a call with the option to barge in on the call.

  • Intercom

    Place a call to an extension’s speaker phone.

  • Paging

    Place a call to multiple extensions’ speaker phones.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Send calls directly to voicemail, then message can then be emailed to you.

  • Call Pickup

    Answer another person’s extension.

  • Music On Hold

    Callers can hear either music or your ad when placed on hold.

  • Call Recording

    Conversations can be recorded and backed up using softphones or telemarketing software.

  • SoftPhone

    Use ZoomCalls without a desk phone or use full a CRM call center.

  • Chat (Instant Messaging)

    Communicate internallly among staff.

Requirements to Use ZoomCalls