Hosted Cloud-Based Virtual Office PBX

Your employees can be located anywhere in the world, yet they are all connected together as if they’re in the same office.

  • Truly unlimited calling in USA & Canada from virtually anywhere in the world
  • For 1 to 1,000 users (no minimum)
  • Your choice of a LOCAL or TOLL FREE phone number or port your existing numbers
  • NO per minute charges, NO setup fees, NO hidden fees, Month to month, Cancel anytime
  • NO additional charges for standard features except for sales tax if you are in Texas

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Standard Features Included at No Extra Charge

  • Unlimited Calls

    No limit on number of inbound or outbound calls.

  • Voicemail

    Calls not answered go to voicemail and messages are instantly emailed to you.

  • IVR – Auto Attendant

    Automatically answers with menu choices.

  • Transfer to Voicemail

    Send a call directly to a voicemail box.

  • Conference Calling

    Talk with multiple people simultaneously.

  • No Per Minute Charges

    There are never any charges for minutes used.

  • Call Waiting

    If another call comes in while you are on a call,
    you hear a beep notifying you of the other call.

  • Call Transfer

    Can be either Announced or Blind transfer.

  • Individual Call Recording

    Click to record calls as needed.

  • Phone Number Porting

    Port your existing telephone numbers.

  • Local or Toll Free Phone Number

    Displays your phone number on outbound calls.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Send calls directly to voicemail, then messages are instantly emailed to you.

  • Intercom

    Place a call to an extension’s speaker phone.

  • Call Forwarding – Follow Me

    Forward to another extension or phone number.

  • Music On Hold

    Callers can hear either music or your ad when placed on hold.

Optional Features with Additional Charges

  • Inbound Call Center

    Agents wait for calls in a queue.
    Includes wait time and other statistics.
    Only $59 per call center per month.

  • All Calls Recording

    Automatically records all your conversations on our cloud server.
    Only $29 per company per month.

  • Extra Phone Numbers (DID)

    One local or toll free phone number is free for each user.
    Only $5 per extra phone number per month.

ZoomCalls Requirements and Downloads

zoomcalls business voip services
At least 1 MB Download Speed per user
and Ping under 90 ms.
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zoomcalls voip business lines

Use your existing IP Phone or buy IP Phones

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What Is ZoomCalls?

ZoomCalls is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service for businesses across the world. With ZoomCalls business VoIP phone lines, you can make calls to the United States or Canada with a low monthly cost and no hidden fees or per-minute charges.

As a VoIP service, ZoomCalls offers many more features than a traditional landline, such as handling multiple calls at the same time. With industry-leading audio, each call you make throughout your facility will be crystal clear.

Who Will Benefit From Business VoIP Phone Lines?

Because ZoomCalls business VoIP phone service supports multiple callers at the same time, it’s used in many businesses where telecommunication is an essential part of daily operations. Most American businesses use VoIP lines in at least one location.

An incredible array of industries work smarter, harder and faster with VoIP. Some of the most common businesses that use ZoomCalls include:

  • Banks, credit unions and other businesses in the financial sector
  • Call centers and customer support
  • Doctors’ offices, hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Government organizations
  • Insurance and real estate agencies
  • Schools and universities
  • Small businesses

How Does ZoomCalls Work?

As a VoIP phone service, all communication is sent through a broadband internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. ZoomCalls sends your voice to the other party or parties through your network via data packets. Because it’s tied to the network you use throughout your entire facility, you can enjoy seamless integration between your phone and computer network, including the ability to save a recording of your calls to your computer.

Unlike traditional phone lines, a VoIP service allows for seamless conference calls, call transfers, multiple calls and other convenient options — a plus in today’s fast-paced business environment.

What to Expect With ZoomCalls Business Phone Service

When you switch your phone system to VoIP service, you’ll receive immense benefits for your entire organization to enjoy. Here are some of the many advantages of VoIP:

  • Money savings: ZoomCalls VoIP phone service saves you a noticeable amount of money versus a traditional landline. Users enjoy unlimited calls and additional features at a far lower price than the restricted calls and/or per-minute charges accrued by most other VoIP carriers and regular phone service providers.
  • Easy setup: If you have an internet connection, you can set up an IP phone. VoIP uses the technology you already have in place, such as routers and Ethernet cables, for hassle-free installation you can perform yourself. The process requires little previous technical know-how.
  • Increased efficiency: ZoomCalls allows you to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues and quickly connect customers to the solutions they need. Your business processes will be more efficient, improving customer relationships as a result.