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What is a power dialer? The information available to you about power dialers is endless. Allow us to sum up the most asked questions about power dialers, as well as help you determine the solutions internal and external factors. 

What Is Power Dialing?

The power dialer definition is the process of using software to rapidly dial phone numbers automatically, one number after another. This helps agents stay productive by speeding through calling lists while still having the benefit of hearing the prospect pick up the phone and speaking to them as if it were a normal call without delays.

How Does a Power Dialer Work?

A Power Dialer rapidly calls numbers progressively from a phone list. An agent with a headset will see the prospect’s information on the screen as the phone rings and can speak to the contact immediately when they answer. If the power dialer reaches a number that is disconnected, busy, or unattended, it will automatically move to the next number on the list. An agent can click to drop a pre-recorded voicemail if an answering machine is reached.  

Do I Need a Power Dialer?

If you would like to see…

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Better lead management
  • Better time optimization 
  • Automated voicemails
  • Improved customer service
  • Higher sales conversions 
  • Multiple tools combined into one technology

…then YES, you do need a power dialer. 

Say, for instance, you want to start a new campaign for following up with warm leads. With a power dialer, you can input your campaign script and select who you are targeting, which would be your leads that have a ‘warm lead’ status, and begin calling instantly. Power dialers make campaigns, along with everything else related to telemarketing, simple, easy, and quick to accomplish! 

Power Dialer Vs. Predictive Dialer

The big question many phone salespeople face is what is the difference in a power dialer and a predictive dialer. Their goals are generally the same in that they strive to optimize the agent’s time with live calls, therefore eliminating time where they are waiting for another call. Though their goals are similar, their approaches are different. Below we have created a table to show you the three main differences in those approaches: 

Power Dialer 

Predictive Dialer

The dialer calls one number per agent

The dialer calls multiple numbers per agent

No pauses or “telemarketer delays” for the receiver of the call because the agent is able to immediately start talking to them

Many dropped calls/hang-ups due to the pauses as the dialer connects them with an available agent

Do not have to manage a dropped call rate

Need to keep the dropped call rate below 3% over the course of 30 days to be compliant

What to Consider Before Getting a Power Dialer 

Besides what the power dialer can do for you, there is much else to consider before getting one. Here is where the external factors come in. Let’s consider the requirements, regulations, and company factors to give a better understanding of whether or not the product is right for you. 

What Requirements Are There?

Power Dialers require very few things and most telemarketers already have the necessary equipment at their disposal. All that is needed is:

  1. A computer that can access browsers 
  2. Internet connection
  3. A USB or Bluetooth headset 


Dropped or abandoned calls must be less than 3% to comply with FCC regulations. 

Other regulations pertaining to the actions of telemarketing include:

  • Scrubbing your phone list against the DNC if you are calling consumers and are not a political organization, charitable organization, or a telephone survey organization. 
  • Calling only within legal telemarketing hours, which are 8:00AM – 9:00PM. You must take into consideration if someone is in another timezone.
  • Following states telemarketing rules. Some states have smaller time frames for telemarketing hours and may have other rules that you must abide by in order to avoid a fine. 
  • Calling mobile phones using an ATDS (autodialer).
  • Registering as a telemarketer with the government and receiving a “SAN Number.”

You should consult with a telemarketing lawyer if you are unsure about your status to use a dialer legally.

Company Factors

If you are a sales manager trying to determine what kind of dialer would work best for your team/call center consider these things:

  • The size of your team. If you intend to use a predictive dialer, you should have a minimum of 3 agents.  The more agents you have the more efficient it will be.  A power dialer is great for any size of team or a single person. 
  • The purpose of the calls. With a power dialer, the quality of the call is going to be better because you won’t start off calls with a delay or a “bloop” sound which often causes people to hang up.  If it’s purely a numbers game, predictive dialing gives you an advantage because you can make more calls faster.
  • The quality of your phone list/database. If your phone list is cold and you expect a lot of bad numbers and answering machines, a predictive dialer might be best. If your phone list is made up of businesses, or warmer leads or higher quality consumer data, then a power dialer is best. 

Power Dialer Benefits

Other than the benefits already mentioned before, here are a few more to sweeten the deal:

  • No wasted time on dialing numbers
  • Less room for human error
  • Prospects always speak to a live agent
  • Manage a team and view valuable statistics
  • Improves productivity by allowing the agent more time for selling 
  • Agents can quickly set statuses and take notes while on the phone
  • No dropped calls
  • No delays at the beginning of calls

Hopefully, you now know what solution is best for your team. If you came to the conclusion that a power dialer is the way to go then check out our Dolphin Power Dialer and explore its scalable options!

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