Phone Dialer Software for Collections Agencies

According to the Urban Institute, approximately 77 million Americans have a report of debt collections on their credit report. That figure represents about 35 percent of adults in the United States who have an established credit history. Debt in collections refers to debt that’s incurred for non-mortgage related purposes, such as medical bills or utility bills, that are more than 180 days past due.

dialer for collections agencies

Types of Debt Collections Agencies

Dating back to ancient civilizations, creditors have used different methods to collect the debts owed to them, including “debt slavery” and debtors’ prisons. Today, creditors often try to recoup the unsecure debts they’re owed by working with a collections agency.

A collections agency or debt collector is simply a business that attempts to collect delinquent debts on behalf of creditors. Here are some of the types of collections agencies that operate in the United States:

  • First-Party Agencies: First-party agencies are normally subsidiaries of the lender that extended the debt.
  • Third-Party Debt Collectors: Third-party collectors are independent organizations the original lender hires to collect their debts in exchange for a fee.
  • Debt Buyers: These companies buy the original lender’s outstanding loans for a percentage of their value and try to collect the outstanding balances, plus interest for themselves.

Predictive Dialer for Collections

Regardless of whether an organization is a debt buyer or a first- or third-party agency, a debt collector may have hundreds or even tens of thousands of leads to contact at any given time. With so many people to contact, many debt collectors use phone dialer software for collections agencies.

A collections dialer enables your staff members to contact more people during a single shift, make notes about their calls, update records, track calls and leave personalized voice mails. Depending on the collections dialer you choose, you can even use a local presence caller ID instead of an out-of-state or toll-free number, which may make it more likely that your agents’ calls will be answered.

Phone Dialer Software for Collections Agencies by EVS7

If you’re looking for a dialer for collections agencies, you’ve come to the right place. EVS7 has several options that can elevate your team to the next level of success, including:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: This software integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, LeadMaster, Zoho or any CRM. Instead of manually dialing, your agents can move to the next lead with a mere click of their mouse. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls or telemarketer delay with Cricket Click to Call. Your staff can easily transfer calls and use three-way calling when necessary with Cricket Click to Call.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: Have you ever dreamed of your collections team being 400 percent more productive than they are now? Well, it’s possible with our Parrot Predictive Dialer. This system enables your agents to make 400 percent more calls than they can with manual dialing. The Parrot Predictive Dialer dials up to five lines per agent, and it gives you the ability to monitor calls in real-time, provide whisper coaching and join live calls when necessary.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: This state-of-the-art software automates dialing, so your team can stay focused on their primary responsibility — reaching leads and collecting debts. Your team can reach four times as many leads using the Dolphin Power Dialer than they can dialing by hand. This software gives you the ability to identify your most and least promising contacts, so you can focus on your best contacts and avoid wasting time on calls that won’t yield results.

While every debt collector is in the same business, we know each debt collection agency is different. Contact EVS7 to learn which collections dialer is right for your organization and schedule a free trial now.