Phone Dialer Software for Lead Gen Companies

What happens between cold calling and closing sales? For many businesses, it’s lead generation.

What Is Lead Generation

Cold calling takes place when you’re trying to identify people who probably don’t know anything about what you sell, and you’re trying to get them interested in your goods or services. Lead generation is different in that you’re reaching out to people who have indicated an interest in your goods or services in some way. They may have called your business, completed an online questionnaire or sent an email, but every lead has done something to express their interest in what you sell.

In other words, lead generation is the process that occurs after cold calling and before sales can occur. It’s the process that’s necessary to convert parties that have an interest in your goods or services into qualified sales leads.

phone dialer for lead generation companies

Dialer Software for Lead Generation Companies

With lead generation being the critical step between cold calling and sales, it generally involves contacting hundreds or even thousands of leads. Even though the people you contact will have expressed an interest in your goods or services on a previous occasion, convincing them to take the next step toward a sale requires work and, sometimes, repeat phone calls to the same contact.

Given the call volume that’s often required for a successful lead generation effort, many companies in the industry use phone dialer software for lead generation companies. A dialer for lead gen is an effective tool that has the potential to multiply the number of calls your team can make in a single shift. Many lead gen dialers also give you the ability to run reports in real-time so you can make sure your employees are making optimum use of their time as well.

Dialers for Lead Gen by EVS7

At EVS7, we know the goal of every lead generation manager is to convert as many interested parties as possible into qualified sales leads. We also know that every lead gen organization has its own performance measures and communication needs, which is why we have several options when it comes to phone dialer software for lead generation companies. Here are some of the advanced dialers for lead gen we offer:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: With this powerful software, you can double the dials in your CRM with ease. Your agents can move onto the next call quickly, simply by clicking their mouse. You’ll enjoy truly unlimited calling at an affordable price with our Cricket Click Dialer, and your agents can choose from five pre-recorded voicemails if they get an answering machine. Our Cricket Click Dialer integrates with your CRM easily and without any hassles.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: Our cloud-based Parrot Predictive Dialer has the power to enable your team to make 400 percent more calls than they can by hand dialing. This software makes it easy for you to scale your team’s efforts. You can use a live dashboard in your web browser to generate meaningful reports that include key performance indicators any time you want. You can monitor key metrics, make adjustments and provide live training and coaching as calls are actually taking place, when information is still fresh in your agents’ minds. If you get the optional AMD with your Parrot Predictive Dialer, your software will recognize answering machines automatically, saving your team valuable time.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Your agents can place up to four times more calls with this advanced dialer than they can by manually dialing. Our capable Dolphin Power Dialer will automatically disconnect calls to busy lines and those that are no longer in service, saving your agents valuable time they can use for other things. Your agents can use the Dolphin Power Dialer to make notes, dispatch emails and update the status of their calls quickly and easily. Our Dolphin Power Dialer eliminates telemarketer delays and dropped calls, which can jeopardize your chances of making a successful conversion. With our Dolphin Power Dialer, you’re in full control of creating qualified sales leads.

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