How to Leave a Pre-Recorded Voicemail to Get More Callbacks

In an industry driven by sales and quotas, time is of the essence, and many sales representatives don’t bother leaving voicemails so that they may go on to the next call. While phone sales tips can help you with live calls, many calls, however, will end up at the sound of a voicemail and you could be losing valuable opportunities every day.

Leaving a pre-recorded voicemail message saves time because you don’t have to record and listen to your message every time you leave a voicemail. Let’s say an agent leaves eight 1 minute voicemails per hour during an average 170-hour working month. Voicemail automation could save you 22.7 hours per month for each employee. And if you have 10 sales reps, that’s a whopping 226 hours saved in just one month!

In addition to saving time, you won’t have to experience the frustration of recording your message over and over again. This can also help boost morale. Voicemail automation keeps your messages consistent, focused, and sounding fresh. Using EVS7 software, you also have the flexibility to record and save up to 5 different voicemails depending on the type of message you are leaving or what stage of prospecting or following up you’re in.

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Steps to Leaving a Pre-Recorded Message

Leaving a pre-recorded message is not difficult. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Plan your message

This is where a prerecorded script will come in handy. Practice your script and remember to sound friendly and awake but not overly enthusiastic. The length of the voicemail should vary, but if it ends up being much longer than a minute you’ll likely start to lose their interest unless you’ve got something creative pulling them in.

2) Record your message

Once you are comfortable with how you are going to say your message, access your dialer software and click the record button to record your message. You can also replay, delete, rerecord, or save your messages.

In the video tutorial below, you’ll learn how to create a pre-recorded message using the Koala Cloud Call Center & Cricket Click Dialer.

3) Use your prerecorded voicemail to leave a message

Now you are able to utilize voicemail drop to leave a message. When you hear the beep at the end of an answering machine or voicemail say your greeting, such as “Hi, Mark.” Then click on the message button from your dialer software that you want to play. You can instantly go on to your next call while the message is playing. You do not have to start with a greeting, however, people are more likely to listen to a personalized message and your call backs will greatly increase. The transition between your greeting and message should sound completely natural.

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to use a pre-recorded voicemail automation.

It is that easy! With pre-recorded voicemail, you’ll take the pain out of leaving voicemails and maximize your efforts to get more call backs. And, your team will likely love you for it as well. Cricket Click Dialer allows you to do all this and more!

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