Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer Comparison

What is a predictive dialer or power dialer and which type of dialer software is the right choice for your business?

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  • Predictive Dialers provide flexibility to control, manage, and move groups of agents quickly
  • Predictive Dialers may have manual dialing as well as predictive modes available
  • A predictive dialer dials predictively in a campaign with an adaptive dialing algorithm to minimize agent wait time
  • Many predictive dialer systems allow for inbound and blended dialing campaigns

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialers are used by live agents to call medium or large telephone lists on multiple lines simultaneously. Agents wait while the Predictive Dialer “listens” to determine if calls are answered live by a person or by an answering machine or voicemail. Agents do not hear busy signals, disconnected calls, or answering machines. When a call is answered by a person, an agent hears a beep in his or her headset and sees the information about that person pop up on his or her computer screen.

The agents do not hear the person say “Hello”, but can greet the person soon afterwards. Answered calls are distributed to the agents as they become available.  A manager or administrator has the ability to tweak many different settings such as dial rate, answering machine detection (AMD),  automatic call distribution (ACD), and much more.  If you know what you’re doing, it can be a very powerful tool that can scale up effectively for 100s of agents.  In addition, a good predictive dialer will have the ability to do advanced reporting, multiple campaigns and user groups, and blended calling.

A Predictive Dialer should have an automatic “throttle” to prevent going over the 3% legal limit of dropped calls (when no agent is available to answer all of the calls).

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Parrot Predictive Dialer

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So What’s a Power Dialer?

For inside sales teams or teams working with warm and hot leads or calling businesses, power dialers make more sense than a predictive dialer.

A Power Dialer is used by live agents to call telephone lists, one number instantly after the other. If a number is busy, disconnected, or no answer, the Power Dialer immediately moves to the next call without any input from the agent. The agent will hear someone say “Hello” and can talk right away, with no delay. Unlike a predictive dialer, if the agent hears an answering machine or voicemail, he/she can either make one mouse click to hang up and instantly move to the next call or he/she can wait for the greeting to play then leave a message.

The Dolphin Pro Power Seller is a Progressive Power Dialer which allows even more efficiency. An agent can personalize a pre-recorded message by saying, for example “Hello, Michael”, then clicking a button to begin playing the voicemail.  As soon as the button is clicked, the message plays but the agent is instantly zoomed off to the next call while that message is playing on the 1st line. If the 2nd line reaches someone, they can talk, but if another answering machine is reached, the agent can perform the same one click voicemail and move on to the third line, while lines 1 and 2 are still playing the recordings.


More Awesome Benefits of Dolphin Power Dialer

  • Score your leads as Hot, Warm, Cold, or customize to your choice
  • Preview all the information about a customer before they answer
  • Send emails quickly to communicate in more ways
  • Transfer calls quickly or hold conference calls
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Comparing a Predictive Dialer System to Power Dialer Automated Dialer Services

Think of a hosted predictive dialer setup as sort of like a big manufacturing plant with an assembly line. Occasionally, the number of workers may not be able to keep up with the speed of the assembly line, and some product may be dropped, but the overall volume of finished products is quite high.

Predictive dialer software works the same way. Calls are made on multiple lines by the software based not on how many agents are logged in and the speed you’ve set for your campaign. It can slow down or speed up the volume of calls depending upon the number of agents in calls and how quickly they become available again. The overall result is your agents can complete a much higher volume of calls than they otherwise might.

You might think of a single line power dialer as more like a smaller company where the products are hand-made. You don’t get as many products completed in the same amount of time, but you don’t get any dropped products and you get a level of authenticity your customers appreciate by avoiding any delays and hearing when the customers say “Hello.”

This is comparable to the preview or power dialer situation. It’s not as fast, but you don’t have a recipient picking up and trying to talk to someone who’s not yet on the line. With a power dialer system, the agent is in contact with the call recipient from the start of the call, so that recipient gets the feeling of being singled out by the agent rather than just being an anonymous phone number in a long line of numbers.

Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer Industries

Companies that might benefit from predictive dialers include travel agencies, which may have appealing packages to sell and need to find the people who are interested in them as quickly as possible, and companies that sell a specific good or group of goods, like, say, vacuum cleaners. Again, you don’t necessarily need to talk everyone into buying a vacuum cleaner so much as you need to find as many people who need them as possible in a short time.

Companies that might benefit from power dialers are those that require more finesse to make sales, such as a financial services company, or industries where people expect a more personal touch, like health care.

EVS7 for Power and Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer system is a little more complex than a power dialer system, which is why Parrot, by EVS7, sets itself apart as the best predictive dialer among call center predictive dialer vendors by simplifying the process as much as possible, offering top-notch customer support to answer any questions quickly and comprehensively. Of course, if power dialing is better for you, our Dolphin Power Dialer is also easy to use, cost-effective and possessed of the most comprehensive functionality on the market. We also understand that some companies will need both power and predictive campaigns, and the Parrot has you covered if that’s the case.