Auto Dialer Automated Phone Calling Software

EVS7 provides an array of cutting edge auto dialer software with exhaustive features tailored to optimize productivity and increase your dialing rate. Backed by comprehensive support, our auto dialing software are ideal for any business with an outbound call process. The automated phone dialing solutions reduce the rate of wasted calls, optimize lead management and improve the the overall efficiency of your teams. Learn more about automated outbound call software. 

Getting Started with an Auto Dialer System

To get started, all you need to do is load a list of leads, and the automated phone calling system starts dialing the numbers in list using a headset. Our dialing software solutions help your teams to nurture relationships with prospects, set call backs and perform the ROI analysis of calling campaigns with a variety of reports and statistics to measure productivity. We do not offer a robodialer or press 1 campaign dialer as they are illegal in most cases.

Why Choose an Autodialer from EVS7?

Staying competitive and efficient in today’s market is tough. EVS7’s automated calling software is the solution for a successful call center. Our autodialer software takes advantage of predictive analytics to ensure you have the best chance of securing leads. With truly unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, our automated dialers are the solution you need.

Our auto dialing software takes the guesswork out of calling. It saves time by rapidly dialing numbers in a progression so that you can focus on building relationships with your leads.

At the end of the day, our solution comes full circle with autodialer software reports that allow you to measure your key metrics to success. Integrate with the CRM, and you’ll be able to efficiently close more sales and build long term relationships.

Auto Dialer automated calling software

  • Automated Dialing takes the pain out of phone calls
  • Customizable user privileges and campaign settings add flexability
  • Get the most out of your agents with silent monitoring and whisper coaching
  • Perform ROI analysis by analyzing which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue
  • Inbound call routing provides easy ways to route calls to the correct agents
  • Open API for integration with CRMs and other platforms

Parrot Predictive Dialer & Call Center

The Parrot is a virtual cloud call center and auto dialer with predictive dialing and inbound call routing.  Organized by campaigns, a manager can login from anywhere to create calling lists, adjust settings and speed, and watch sales agents performance in real time.  Call up to 5 lines at a time per agent to maximize agent talk time and reach more prospects. 3 user minimum.

No credit card required!

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Dolphin Power Dialer Load your list of leads, and the Dolphin Dialer software instantly starts power dialing for you one number after another. Talk on one line while leaving one click voicemails and emails for other prospects simultaneously. Stay compliant by avoiding dropped calls. One agent using our voip auto dialer can out perform 4 agents calling by hand.

  • Save time by rapidly dialing numbers in a progression
  • Build relationships with your leads and customers with built in dialer CRM

  • Use Reminders to increase professionalism & never forget an appointment
  • No dropped calls, “telemarketer” delay, or “HELLO, HELLO..HELLO?”
  • Reports help you measure important metrics to help hit company goals
  • Close more sales with happier customers

How Can Autodialer Software Help Your Business?

Automated calling software can provide strategic business value. Sales team members will no longer muddle through a long list of potential names, only to find an entire day of hang-ups. Auto dialer software will not only speed up their day by providing a preset list, it will help them close deals.

Automated calling software is smart — it will help you leverage customer data to reach out more personally to more qualified potential leads. Auto dialer software automatically and simultaneously dials the telephone number of different customers. The software then connects the caller to your team.

The outcome of those calls then determines the future calls. Our auto dialer systems compile data and gives you the tools to predict what type of callers your team wants to target, based on prior success rates. That way, instead of focusing on demographics or lists that haven’t been successful, your team can focus on calling leads more likely to convert and capitalize on closing sales.

Incorporating efficient, predictive strategy into your business will add tremendous value. Automated calling software is that efficient, predictive strategy. Let us help you implement that strategy today.