Best Automatic Dialing Software

We will explore what is an auto dialer, is it legal, and if EVS7’s dialer software the right fit for you and your team below.

Best Automatic Dialing Software

What is an Auto Dialer?

Traditionally, an auto dialer is a type of dialer that calls a lot of numbers at once and blasts a recorded message. This message may give the person answering the call the ability to “press 1” to speak to a live person. That’s also known as outbound IVR (interactive voice response). You may get these type of auto dialing phone calls on your cell phone, land line or business line, and they’re usually considered a nuisance. They have also become illegal in most cases, especially for calling residential and cell phone numbers.

An auto dialer can also mean a type of dialer that calls several lines and when someone picks up, transfers a call to a live agent. Because the dialer has to determine if it’s a live person, there will generally be a 1-3 second delay. This may also be termed a predictive dialer or a ratio dialer.

Alternatively, some use the term auto dialer to include any type of dialer that makes calls automatically. This may also include a power dialer or preview dialer, since it automatically dials from one number to the next. However, unlike auto dialing software, with power dialers, the user is able to hear the phone ring and speak to someone who answers immediately just like a normal call. When the call finishes, they will be instantly moved onto another call.  The agent may have the opportunity to use voicemail drop software built into the power dialer to simply click to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message on an answering machine, while the system moves them onto the next call.

Auto Dialing Automated Phone Calling Software

EVS7 provides an array of cutting edge auto dialer software with exhaustive features tailored to optimize productivity and increase your dialing rate. Backed by comprehensive support, our auto dialing software are ideal for any business with an outbound call process. The automated phone dialing solutions reduce the rate of wasted calls, optimize lead management and improve the the overall efficiency of your teams. Learn more about automated outbound call software.

Getting Started with an Auto Dialer System
To get started, all you need to do is load a list of leads, and the automated phone calling system starts dialing the numbers in list using a headset. Our dialing software solutions help your teams to nurture relationships with prospects, set call backs and perform the ROI analysis of calling campaigns with a variety of reports and statistics to measure productivity. We do not offer a robodialer or press 1 campaign dialer as they are illegal in most cases.

  • Powerful Auto Dialer Software that is TCPA compliant
  • One click personalized voicemails drops to ensure more callbacks
  • Have control of the call and speak to live prospects
Power Dialer

Why Choose an Auto Dialer from EVS7?

Staying competitive and efficient in today’s market is tough. EVS7’s automated calling software is the solution for a successful call center. Our auto dialing software takes advantage of predictive analytics to ensure you have the best chance of securing leads. With truly unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, our automated dialers are the solution you need.

Our auto dialing software takes the guesswork out of calling. It saves time by rapidly dialing numbers in a progression so that you can focus on building relationships with your leads.

At the end of the day, our solution comes full circle with auto dialer software reports that allow you to measure your key metrics to success. Integrate with the CRM, and you’ll be able to efficiently close more sales and build long term relationships.

How Can Auto Dialing Help Your Business?

Auto dialing can provide strategic business value. Sales team members will no longer muddle through a long list of potential names, only to find an entire day of hang-ups. Auto dialer software will not only speed up their day by providing a preset list, it will help them close deals.

Auto dialing software is smart — it will help you leverage customer data to reach out more personally to more qualified potential leads. Auto dialer software automatically and simultaneously dials the telephone number of different customers. The software then connects the caller to your team.

The outcome of those calls then determines the future calls. Our auto dialer systems compile data and gives you the tools to predict what type of callers your team wants to target, based on prior success rates. That way, instead of focusing on demographics or lists that haven’t been successful, your team can focus on calling leads more likely to convert and capitalize on closing sales.

Incorporating efficient, predictive strategy into your business will add tremendous value. Automated calling software is that efficient, predictive strategy. Let us help you implement that strategy today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Auto dialer software makes automated phone calls from a list of numbers. Our Dolphin Dialer uses VoIP technology to increase contact rates up to 4 times.

An auto dialer can be helpful to anyone making a lot of calls – telemarketers, politicians, churches, and more. Dolphin Dialer is cloud-based so it can be accessed through a browser making it suitable for anyone.

Compared to other auto dialers, Dolphin Dialer has a lot more features including: power dialing, built-in CRM, voicemail drops, email, and reporting.

Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer

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Includes truly unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

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Set up work flows based on call dispo & lead status to send automated emails, move leads, or send data.


Advanced reports and call monitoring to measure productivity

Built in CRM

Ability to have multiple campaigns and lists as well as manage leads

Email & SMS

Communicate via Voice, Email, & SMS texting

API Integration

Open API allows for passing data to or from other systems

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Dial through your leads rapidly by doing 50-90 calls per hour. Leave pre-recorded voicemail greetings with a click.

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