Auto Dialer

We will explore what is an auto dialer, is it legal, and if EVS7’s dialer software the right fit for you and your team below.

What is an Auto Dialer?

Traditionally, an auto dialer is a type of dialer that calls a lot of numbers at once and blasts a recorded message. This message may give the person answering the call the ability to “press 1” to speak to a live person. That’s also known as outbound IVR (interactive voice response). You may get these type of auto dialing phone calls on your cell phone, land line or business line, and they’re usually considered a nuisance. They have also become illegal in most cases, especially for calling residential and cell phone numbers.

An auto dialer can also mean a type of dialer that calls several lines and when someone picks up, transfers a call to a live agent. Because the dialer has to determine if it’s a live person, there will generally be a 1-3 second delay. This may also be termed a predictive dialer or a ratio dialer.

Alternatively, some use the term auto dialer to include any type of dialer that makes calls automatically. This may also include a power dialer or preview dialer, since it automatically dials from one number to the next. However, unlike auto dialing software, with power dialers, the user is able to hear the phone ring and speak to someone who answers immediately just like a normal call. When the call finishes, they will be instantly moved onto another call.  The agent may have the opportunity to use voicemail drop software built into the power dialer to simply click to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message on an answering machine, while the system moves them onto the next call.

Powerful Auto Dialer Software that is TCPA compliant

  • One click personalized voicemails drops to ensure more callbacks
  • Have control of the call and speak to live prospects
  • Ability to have multiple campaigns and lists
  • Communicate via Voice, Email, & SMS texting
  • Advanced reports to measure productivity
  • Integrates with other software using open API for flexibility
  • Work from anywhere with cloud-based login

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