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There has been a recent trend to push everything into the cloud (web based), but do the pros of this approach outweigh the cons?  Originally, running a dialer was a major operation requiring special hardware, voiceboards, and cost as much as $25,000 for a basic setup.

Since then, with the introduction of VoIP based dialers, we’ve seen both stand alone dialer software (downloaded on a PC) and cloud based dialers (accessed from a browser).

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each of these.

Stand Alone PC Based Dialer Software

The Pros

  • Security, Data management, & Protection – The leads and the data are on your computer in your control
  • No phone line required – You just need a good internet connection and headset
  • Richer Interface – Program is not constrained by the limitations of the browser
  • No database limitations – Since data is stored locally on your PC, there is no restriction on number of records or the size of a list
  • Speed and Quality – The program can move very quickly from record to record without having to depend on the internet to load a new webpage without sacrificing voice quality

The Cons

  • Sharing – While sharing and moving the software from computer to computer is still possible, it’s not as quick as a cloud based solution
  • Compatibility – Depending on the company, the stand alone software may only be available on a PC or certain operating systems


Cloud Based Dialer Software


The Pros

  • No software – Don’t have to install any software locally on your PC or download upgrades
  • Mobility – Easy to transport from computer to computer since you just login to a website where the data is stored

The Cons

  • Limited Performance – Can be slower and have more primitive user interface due to limitations of browser based applications
  • Increased Security Risk – Since the data and leads are stored in the cloud, the risk of hacking and security goes up
  • You must use a separate phone line to dial in to start making calls (such as your cell or landline phone)
  • Latency screen pops – The call may be dialed and someone answers while you are waiting for the page with their information to load leaving you tongue tied
  • Downtime Stoppage – Cloud based dialers tend to have more downtime than software based dialers
  • Storage Limitations – Since cloud platforms store the data online, there are often limits on the number of records or size of a phone list


To wrap things up, I personally believe that while some cloud based dialers can be effective, they typically have more then their fair share of issues.  If you’re running a PC based company or call center, stand alone dialer software can be cost effective and has quite a few advantages over the cloud.   Will cloud based dialers catch up and surpass stand alone dialers in the future?  As technology and the internet continue to progress, then I believe there will continue to be great options both stand alone and in the cloud.

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