Are you trying to think of a way to leverage the work your salesforce or customer service representatives do? If your sales and support teams place a lot of outgoing calls by hand, an automatic phone dialer may be just what you’re looking for.

What Is a Phone Dialer?

Auto dialer systems are exactly what their name implies — they are automated phone dialing systems that place calls on behalf of your agents without any input from your staff members. With many phone dialers being hosted on the cloud, auto dialer systems typically reduce the upfront costs of installing a new phone system, and they don’t have hardware that occupies valuable floor space or requires the constant attention of IT experts.

In today’s business environment, predictive dialer systems, or those that can accurately anticipate when your agents will be free to take the next call, are used in almost every aspect of a business that deals directly with the public in some way. From lead generation to closing sales to providing support for your products or services, auto dialer systems have the ability to streamline your operations because they shorten the length of time that’s required to get things done.

An automatic phone dialer dials phone numbers faster than your team can do by hand. Also, because they only put calls answered by a person through to your agents, auto dialer systems limit the time your agents will spend disconnecting from calls answered by a fax machine or voicemail. These things will give your agents more time to spend with live clients and prospects while limiting their downtime between calls. Since your team will spend more time interacting with clients and prospects, using an automatic phone dialer can increase your bottom line.

Different Types of Dialers for Call Centers

While you may be eager to set up a phone dialer at your business, you should know that every automatic phone dialer or click-to-call dialer isn’t the same. Although that’s the case, having a phone dialer is generally better than not having one in many instances.

Here are some of the phone dialer systems offered by EVS7:

  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: This capable predictive dialer is a platform that provides outbound, inbound and blended calling solutions for businesses of all sizes. This system uses the cloud, which enables your agents to log in from anywhere. Able to dial up to five lines per agent simultaneously, our Parrot Predictive Dialer can greatly enhance your team’s efficiency. You can view real-time reports and data on a user-friendly dashboard, improving your ability to manage the performance of individual agents and your team.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Our Dolphin Power Dialer is a great choice for one-person operations and companies with small teams of agents. This phone dialer dials one number after another in quick succession, with an allowance for up to five voicemail drops. Perfect for contacting warm or qualified leads, your agents can schedule appointments and send emails to their contacts with our Dolphin Power Dialer.
  • Cricket Click Dialer: With this system, your agents will simply click or highlight the numbers in your CRM that they want the system to dial next. The Cricket Click Dialer enables agents to make notes about their calls directly in your CRM, eliminating the need for you to oversee two systems. Offering calling that’s truly unlimited, our Cricket Click Dialer can accommodate inbound as well as outbound calls.
  • Koala: Based in the cloud and fully scalable, our Koala system is an enterprise-level system that offers plenty of practical features that can streamline your operations. From drip email to group calendars, sales tracking, forecasting, web integration and much more, there isn’t much you and your team can’t do with this powerful system.

Choosing between Different Types of Automatic Dialers

Choosing which automatic or click-to-call phone dialer is right for your business can be difficult, especially if you’ve never used one at your location. There are certain things you should consider as you make your decision, including:

  • Support: You want to ensure you select a phone dialer that is fully supported by its provider, from installation to providing training and reliable support whenever necessary.
  • Affordability: Be sure the system you choose doesn’t have any hidden fees built into its pricing structure.
  • Scalability: If you’re like most business owners or managers, you’re always looking for ways to grow your business. Make sure the phone dialer you select can keep up with and support your future growth.

When you choose a phone dialer from EVS7, you’ll enjoy unparalleled support from the start. You also won’t have to worry about any hidden fees in our prices because our pricing structure is fully transparent and straightforward. Whether you’re expecting your business to grow slowly over time or you anticipate rapid growth, we have a system that can and will keep up.

To see which one of our phone dialer systems is right for your business, contact EVS7 or request a free trial now.

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