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Dialer for Insurance Companies

Insurance Industry

When it comes to selling insurance, all leads aren’t created equally. Clearly, the individuals who contact you about an insurance product are more valuable than the people whose names are included in a cold calling list. While that may be the case, contacting the individuals on a call list is certainly worth your time. While you might not sell something to every single person on the list, placing more calls per day increases the likelihood that you’ll make more sales overall.

When you’re using a call list, you can sort it to identify your highest-quality leads so your team can contact them first. If you’re selling homeowners insurance, for example, you can sort your list so the people who own their own home are at the top of your list. If you’re selling group insurance plans to businesses, you can filter your telemarketing list so companies that have a certain number of employees and earn a minimum amount of revenue are the first prospects you’ll call.


What an Insurance Company Dialer Can Do

An auto dialer for insurance agents can enable your team to do more than place more calls faster. A dialer for insurance agents can dramatically improve the way you handle your leads from your initial contact with a prospect through the final sale.

Dialer software for insurance companies allows your agents to make notes, send emails and follow up with prospects immediately. These capabilities are critical to being successful in insurance sales. One study showed that contacting a new prospect in one minute or less can improve your conversion rate by more than 390 percent. A separate study showed that prospects don’t expect to have to wait long for you to contact them. Instead, they expect a callback within 24 hours.

When you have an auto dialer for your insurance agents, you can better manage when calls are placed. You can also improve the quality of the interactions your agents have with your quality leads, because every agent will be able to access the history of calls made to your prospects and add to that history as necessary.


Our Power Dialers for Insurance Agents

If you’re ready to start enjoying the increased sales an auto dialer for insurance agents can help you generate, it’s important to choose the dialer that’s best suited for your needs. When you work with EVS7, the choice is easy because our dialer software can increase your call volume by 300 percent or more. Here are some of the insurance company phone dialers you can choose from:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: Are you tired of dropped calls? They will be a thing of the past with our Cricket Click Dialer. This popular dialer can double the number of calls your agents make by enabling them to click between calls using their computer mouse. Our Cricket Click Dialer integrates with your CRM, making it possible for you to filter your call lists even further than the tactics described earlier. With this software, you can personalize your caller ID with any valid number that’s yours to use. Since your prospects will see a personalized phone number instead of a blocked or toll free number, they’ll be more likely to answer your call.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: Are you interested in quadrupling your team’s call volume? If so, you’re going to want to consider our Parrot Predictive Dialer. This software solution can dial up to five lines per agent, which will ensure everyone on your team is operating at peak efficiency. With this dialer, you’ll have the ability to control all of your team’s call efforts right from your web browser. You’ll be able to monitor calls in real time, provide coaching as calls are actually transpiring, and even break into a call when necessary. With a Parrot Predictive Dialer, you’ll have all the tools you need to get the most of your agents and ensure they’re getting the most out of every call they make.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: As they are with our Cricket Click Dialer, dropped calls and telemarketer delays are nonissues with our Dolphin Power Dialer. When you have a Dolphin Power Dialer, you’ll enjoy truly unlimited calling just as you will with our other dialers for insurance agents. Do you want the ability to generate custom reports to identify trends, your best prospects and areas where your team can improve? You can have that and a whole lot more when you choose our Dolphin Power Dialer for your insurance agency. In fact, you can have all of the tools necessary to increase your call volume by 400 percent and improve the way you manage your calls and agents with our Dolphin Power Dialer.

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