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Evs7 Accepts Bitcoin
ADDISON, Texas – Oct 16, 2014 – Electronic Voice Services, Inc. (EVS7), a multi-million dollar VoIP and lead management enterprise, has partnered with Coinbase to become the first sales CRM company to accept Bitcoin.  Sales professionals and call centers now have the option to use the digital currency as a payment method rather than simply credit card or check. “Bitcoin has the potential to not only revolutionize the global payments and remittance industry, but to help businesses fight fraud and better protect their customers,” said Lance Brandon, Executive at EVS7.  “It’s a phenomenal technology, and we’re excited accept Bitcoin for our services and be a part of the movement.” EVS7 will begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their customers effective immediately. Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer currency and protocol that allows for instant world wide transactions with little or no fees.  The payment network is maintained through miners who contribute via computer processing power.  As a global company, Electronic Voice Services believes that accepting a global currency is key to giving customers all around the world an easier way to pay. “Dealing with hackers, stolen credit cards, and fraudulent charge backs on a daily basis is exhausting and costly, and we believe Bitcoin and future surrounding blockchain technologies will be able to address some of these issues,” states Lance Brandon. In addition, Telephone Lists and Voice Boards, in the EVS companies network, also accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

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