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We know it’s overwhelming to find the best sales management tools, but we’ve got you covered. These 5 Management tools that we selected will level-up your business and help your business outperform against your competitors. 

What are Sales Management Tools?

Sales management tools are the digital tools that make selling easier and more efficient for salespeople and sales managers. They are used for tracking/reporting data, replacing manual operations, helping in determining the next steps for the sales process and so much more.

Sales Management Tool #1: CRM Software

Since CRM has been around since the 80’s it’s had three decades to improve and build upon its once very basic abilities, to store and organize customer information. Now, in 2021, CRM has made great strides in its abilities to build customer relationships, manage marketing campaigns, improve customer service, increase sales, increase profitability, and so much more. 

With all that being said, this is why we think a CRM software is vital for a business in the sales industry and why we have included it in our list of must-have tools. To help you narrow your search for the best CRM, we wrote down four features to Look for in a CRM Software. Be sure it has the ability to: 

  • Track contact information
  • Track Communication history 
  • Group contacts by behavior, product type, area, or other segmentations you need
  • Score Leads (this tells you how much involvement a customer has had with the company)

If you find that CRM would be a useful tool for your company and don’t know where to start, don’t stress. We took the liberty of providing a resource to get you started. The Dolphin Power Dialer has a free trial available. With a built-in power dialing, click to call, texting, and voicemail drops, Dolphin is a complete solution for handling your company needs. CRM features include lead management, activity history, workflows, reporting, user groups, and more.  All you have to do is start calling and Dolphin does the rest!

Sales Management Tool #2: Sales Prospecting Software

Prospecting your list is likely the most important process you will do in sales. Therefore, it does you and your business a disservice when your calling list is random. Sure you might be able to get some good leads out of it but it will waste more time and money than what the outcome is worth. So, consider using a sales prospecting software that will add value to the prospecting process. As you look for a sales prospecting software look for ones that have the ability to: 

  • Build prospect list 
  • Automate repetitive daily task
  • Qualify prospects 
  • Find contact details 

Also, check out to see how you can customize and find a suitable list for you and your company’s needs. 

Sales Management Tool #3: Cloud Calling Software

What’s not to love about ‘The Cloud’. It’s easily accessible, collaborative, flexible, and best of all reliable! You’ll want this tool in your tool kit. Here are the four things to look for when picking the right cloud calling software for your business: 

  • Built-in CRM 
  • Create calling campaigns 
  • Power Dialing
  • Personalize Voicemail Drops 

Luckily, we know a product with all four features. The Dolphin Dialer is perfect for salespeople and sales managers in all levels of experience. Check out the FREE trial to see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Sales Management Tool #4: Sales Analytics Software

Having software that will help you create more sales is important but what’s equally as important is the data explaining what methods are working and which ones are not. This is why sales analytics software is number four on our list. 

Ever heard the saying “Data will talk if you’re listening?” or “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed?” Well, it’s true. Having reliable data reports makes a world of difference when you put that information to use. You might find it valuable reading more on how analytics can be used in your call center

Here are four of those features that we highly suggest finding in your future sales analytics software: 

  • Real-time reports 
  • Sales forecasting 
  • Predictive platform (For determining customer buying trends)
  • Coaching (By using past data and predictive scores to show what is working vs. what isn’t) 

Here’s some more good news, the Dolphin Dialer also has integrated reporting and analytics, so you can get a software that includes CRM, cloud calling, and sales analytics! 

Sales Management Tool #5: Marketing Automation Software

Coming in fifth on our must-have tools list is marketing automation. Marketing Automation Software takes over the repetitive tasks that salespeople do daily, through the use of automation. With those repetitive tasks being handled by the software, your sales team will have much more time to be in contact with customers and prospects making sales. Imagine the amount of productivity your call center would accomplish if your sales team could focus solely on selling. 

Here are the four features to look for in a marketing automation software to ensure that your salespeople will be able to focus more, if not all, their attention on selling: 

  • Automation or emails, social media, texts, and/ or digital ads
  • Advanced email marketing capabilities like segmentation, spam filter testing, performance reporting, and A/B testing 
  • Lead managing by nurturing leads 
  • Reporting campaign lifecycles, as well as the campaign ROI

The final good news is that the Dolphin dialer also has the ability to automate emails, and drop voicemails. This is a good option if you would rather have one software that can do it all rather than multiple! 

Now that you’re aware of all the tools you need, continue reading to learn how to implement them in your sales strategy.

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