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The days of manual dialing are far behind us. In fact, all leading telemarketing agencies have been counting the benefits of automatic dialers to the bank, for over a decade now. The dialers assure telemarketing agencies more calls per day, better client management and better user experience, but that’s not all the benefits that are on offer. Unlocking the remaining benefits of these telemarketing software for small business, however, is a matter of deploying a few seemingly extraneous tips. We discuss.

1. Select a Suitable Version

More than one type of automatic dialers exist. The differences among dialers primarily stem from their feature sets. CRM Integration, voicemail, Automatic call Distribution (ACD), and customization are some features that are beneficial for telemarketing agencies.

2. Keep the Lists Clean

It is advisable to keep the lists clean and updated for the convenience of the callers.  Administrator names and client names, client details and time zones are some of the fields that you ideally need to keep updated. Callers don’t just take more time looking for the desired information in cluttered lists, but as far as productivity is concerned, there’s always an advantage.

3. Forget Manual Dialing

Believe it or not, some call centers still resort to manual dialing. Manual dialing, for obvious reasons, is more time consuming. It is also harder to manage client lists with a manual dialer based set-up. The ultimate advantage of using predictive dialers over manual is that it increases the number of live connects.

4. Schedule Calls

It is easier to schedule calls when you’re using a predictive dialer. You could ask prospective, what’s the convenient time to call them back and make a note in the predictive dialer software and follow through accordingly. It ensures that you follow up with the leads that may turn into sales.

5. Qualify and Segregate Leads

Segregating hot, warm and cold leads help manage the amount of effort put in by the callers. You can use predictive dialers to allot hot leads to better-performing callers or have callers retain them in calling lists for longer.

6. Record Prospect Details

Predictive dialers come with call recording features, which is quite an ideal mode of recording valuable client information such as alternate contact details, references or even product feedback. Not only is it faster but there’s no chance of noting down incorrect information either.

7. Use Personalized Click Voicemail

Most prospects don’t like receiving telemarketing voicemails. You might be able to get them to respond to the voicemails, if you send a personalized message that includes the prospect’s name and is catered only to them. The method can only work if you find a dialer that offers click voicemail.

A Few Last Words

So, those were seven tips to help you get the most out of your predictive dialer. As long as you select the right automatic dialer, keep the lists clean, eliminate manual dialing altogether, and schedule calls, qualify leads before calling them, and use advanced features such as voicemail and call recording aptly, you’re good. When used correctly, the predictive dialer delivers significant value to your organization and helps boost your sales.

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