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Telemarketing has come a long way from “boiler shops” that used to be packed with countless callers dialing random numbers to pitch their product or service. Click to call software, CRMs, and predictive dialers have made the process more streamlined, but there are a few things that call centers still lack, which may be a hurdle in meeting sales targets. If your sales team is not performing to your expectations, there could be something wrong with the approach. The blog talks about three rules that may help businesses perform better at telemarketing.

Rule 1

Telemarketing Isn’t Just About Numbers

The biggest mistake that telesales professionals commit is considering telemarketing to be a number game. They need to understand that chasing numbers won’t result in a conversion. Thinking about numbers may increase the calling efficiency of the team, but it cannot assure results. On the other hand, if the team focuses on conversions, the process becomes more effective and result-oriented. Result-driven companies don’t worry about the number of calls their representatives make, as they set sales targets instead of call targets.

Rule 2

Identify the Golden Hours

It is necessary for the sales team to figure out its golden hours to deliver optimal performance and results. The right time to call potential clients may vary, and depends on the analysis of the sales representatives. Your telemarketing team should keep an account of the call to connect ratio. When the team performs this hourly calculation throughout the day for several weeks, it reveals the golden hours when the contact rate is the highest.

Rule 3

Focus on Training and Development

Selling over the phone is difficult, and despite being aware of the fact, companies often ignore the need of periodic training sessions. They believe telemarketing to be a number game and often focus on daily targets, instead of educating agents on how to sell smartly. Companies need to have a formal training program for all new hires and under-performing employees, and create a “boot camp” workshop to show the representatives how to sell the product.

Final Words

Though there are no hard and fast rules to execute a telemarketing campaign, businesses can surely expect better returns by following the tips discussed in the post. Pay attention to the weak areas of your team or the core problems behind low conversions. You may use advanced tools, software, and CRMs to monitor the performance of sales representatives and make a remedial plan-of-action. EVS7’s Click-to-Call software and predictive dialing solutions assists contact centers in improving the performance of agents and overall returns. To learn more about our products and how they can help your business, get in touch with one of our representatives.

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