Useful Sales Call Reports and Templates
How to Create Useful Sales Call Reports + Template

Use sales call reports to you and your sales teams benefit! We will demonstrate how to use sales call reports and how to create a template that will allow your sales team to thrive! What Are Sales Call Reports? In most cases a call report will identify the who, what, and when of a sales

How to Qualify Your Leads
How to Qualify Your Leads + Questions to Ask

A bad lead qualification process will waste your sales team’s time, risk selling the wrong products to the wrong people, and lower your company’s ROI. Therefore, make a good lead qualification process that will work in favor of the company!  What Is a Qualified Lead?  A qualified lead is a person or business that fits

Dialer for Solar Energy Companies
Dialer for Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy Industry If you’re in the solar energy industry, you’re probably on the constant lookout for quality leads, but have you ever really thought about what a quality lead is? The definition can vary widely, but it’s generally accepted that a quality lead is one that has a pre-existing interest in the goods or

Dialer for real estate companies
Dialer for Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Industry When you’re in real estate, it’s vital to have a pipeline of prospects that’s constantly flowing in your favor. You can generate at least a trickle by putting signs with contact information for your company and listing agents in the yards of the properties you’re selling. You can also record the contact

Dialer for Insurance Companies
Dialer for Insurance Companies

Insurance Industry When it comes to selling insurance, all leads aren’t created equally. Clearly, the individuals who contact you about an insurance product are more valuable than the people whose names are included in a cold calling list. While that may be the case, contacting the individuals on a call list is certainly worth your

Ways to Boost Satisfaction With Agents and Consumers

Ways to Boost Satisfaction With Agents and Consumers While it may remain true that you can’t win everyone over, there’s always room for improvement. For call centers, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is a crucial part of the job. But to ensure positive consumer relations, you also need to keep up morale among