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Equipping your sales representatives with the tools that improve their efficiency plays a major role the success of your campaigns and organization. In fact, it is imperative for sales managers to identify all useful tools that can improve campaign performance. One such tool is click-to-dial software. The tool optimizes real-time lead generation and identifies potential customers in a pool of unnoticed, abandoned calls. This blog post discusses four ways a click-to-dial software solution helps with your telemarketing initiatives. Let’s begin.

1. Detailed Pre-call Information

The software spares the sales representatives from looking up yellow pages and manual dialing with ready to use information of the prospective lead on the screen. Click to dial solution speeds up the progress with leads, based on the information available to them before the call. The software also provides access to minute details about leads and contacts, such as time of the last call and the number of prior contact attempts.

 2. Optimum Voice Mail Handling

Click-to-dial software allows your agents to leave voicemails with customized messages for busy lines and answering machines, in just one click. Sales representatives, therefore, can target customers in real-time, without having to worry about abandoned calls. Enticing sales messages increase the probability of callbacks, thereby enhancing conversions.

3. Caller ID Personalization

A click to dial solution empowers you to customize the call display number to any 10-digit phone number. You can gain more control over unanswered calls, as people are more likely to call back when you call from a regional number, thereby enhancing the chances of a conversion. This is a great feature if you are targeting multiple geographies.

4. Call Conferencing and Reminder Scheduling

Agents spend hours on short calls when people drop the calls due to busy schedules. Postponing a call isn’t an indicator of an incompetent lead and an agent can always pursue such leads through one click reminders. Such features require integration with your existing CRM software, which may be done by your software provider.

The Way Forward

Click to Call software increases efficiency and improve the overall performance of the sales representatives. It also enables the managers to review, track and also analyze the performance of the sales representatives. Click-to-call solutions from EVS7 offers unlimited calling with power dialers to enhance the probability of call backs providing concreteness to your telemarketing campaign. To learn more about how click-to-call software can help your business, feel free to connect with us for a round of free consultation.

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