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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services are becoming more popular with businesses, which has raised the issue of security. When you make a VoIP phone call, are your calls secure?

In fact, VoIP is quite secure. To affect you, someone would need to intercept the data being sent digitally from your phone system and be able to convert it into usable data. Millions of people deposit money online and conduct sensitive business while staying secure. VoIP technology is the same.

There are also privacy laws that protect you and ensure government authorities need search warrants to listen in. In addition, VoIP systems use secure data facilities to store the servers and hardware used in connecting calls. Government agencies, financial institutions, insurance carriers, law firms and other businesses with highly sensitive data all rely on secure VoIP services for their needs. If the government is relying on it for their phone calls, doesn’t it mean you can make your own calls with full confidence?

Think about it this way: Telephone lines are basically the same as they were back when Alexander Graham Bell invented them. People can and do listen in on phone conversations with landlines. There’s no phone call that’s 100% secure and no internet connection that’s 100% secure, but VoIP technology uses the same services as your internet. If you feel comfortable with doing online banking, you’ll be happy to know that making VoIP calls is more secure than that.

Making Your VoIP Phone Calls More Secure

You might want to take a few steps to make your calls more secure:

  • Keep your internet secure: Avoid visiting suspicious websites, and keep your online security software up to date. Run regular scans of your system.
  • Encrypt your connection: Your VoIP provider may be able to offer encryption or other solutions to give you peace of mind.
  • Talk to your VoIP service provider: If you’re concerned, talk to your VoIP provider. EVS7, for example, has support staff available M-F 8:00am to 5:30pm CT to answer your questions about ZoomCalls VoIP technology and offer assistance. Our team can explain the steps we take to keep your calls affordable and secure.
  • Do business with reliable companies: Companies with strong reputations are more likely to treat your personal information with care and have up-to-date security systems.
  • Train your team to handle sensitive information: If your business routinely handles sensitive information, put written policies in place on how to keep this data secure and ensure that all your team members are trained in your system.

Secure VoIP With EVS7

EVS7 is an A+ rated member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau. We’ve worked with Walgreens, the USPS, Microsoft, ABC and other industry leaders. If these businesses know they can rely on our services, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

If you want secure VoIP services at great prices, contact us at 800-713-8353 or 972-713-6622 to talk to us about our ZoomCalls solutions, or fill out the online form to learn more.

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