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Best SIP Softphone

What is SIP Softphone Software?

What is a softphone, and how can it help you with your business? Softphone technology simply refers to the ability to make calls from your computer or similar digital device without using traditional telephone equipment or phone lines. You make your calls using VoIP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol, using SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, to connect callers. The best SIP softphone technology can make your business vastly more efficient in a variety of ways.  At EVS7, our Cricket is most similar to a traditional softphone, but it adds some useful sales tools such as pre-recorded voicemail drops.  Our other dialing software includes a softphone built in to make using our products seamless. 

Freedom One of the biggest advantages of using softphone software is that you’re no longer tethered to the physical location where your phones are located. With hard phone lines, you’re stuck working from wherever they are. When using softphone technology, however, you or your employees can make calls from wherever suits you best.

SIP softphone software works on virtually any computer with an internet connection, so as long as you and your employees can log on, you can make softphone calls from anywhere, at any time.

Employee Morale

If you run a telemarketing venture, employee morale is one of your greatest challenges. Your employees are essentially cogs in a machine, drones in an assembly line who make call after call, saying the same things over and over again, non-stop for hours. Anything that can make this task easier can improve retention and enthusiasm and should be welcome.

SIP server softphone technology means cutting out the drudgery of using an actual phone. Your dialers don’t have to pick up a handset, punch out the number, wait for a response, leave a message, hang up and do the whole thing over again. With the best SIP softphone technology, they can simply click the mouse to dial, start talking immediately upon connection through their headphones, and even leave a pre-recorded message with just another click.

With the right software, the next call will even be loaded up for them so they practically don’t have to do anything but start talking. This combined with the aforementioned fact that they could conceivably do the job from their home rather than a boiler room full of callers can do wonders for morale.

Softphone Functionality

The top softphone software, like the type you can get from EVS7, is linked to whole worlds of functionality that can vastly improve the effectiveness of your business. For example, EVS7 cloud call center software allows for functions like power dialing, which lets your dialers line up calls and knock them out lightning-fast, leaving pre-recorded messages for voicemails while moving onto the next caller.

You can also take advantage of predictive dialing, which maximizes your call center’s volume by calculating when the next agent will be free and automatically connecting them to the next call the moment they complete one. You can also easily monitor and supervise calls, collect data to organize information about leads and easily disseminate it to your dialers and manage calls from remote locations, all while saving money over traditional call center setups and even other virtual call centers that do not use EVS7 technology.

To learn more about EVS7 technology, our VoIP solutions, and the benefits of SIP softphones, contact us today.

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