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Dialer for real estate companies

Real Estate Industry

When you’re in real estate, it’s vital to have a pipeline of prospects that’s constantly flowing in your favor. You can generate at least a trickle by putting signs with contact information for your company and listing agents in the yards of the properties you’re selling. You can also record the contact information for everyone who reaches out to your agency. Be sure to market your business on social media, encourage people to contact you and add them to your leads list when they do.

One tactic many real estate agencies employ to ensure their pipeline is always yielding quality leads is to use telemarketing lists. If you get a list of individual consumers from TelephoneLists.Biz, you’ll be able to filter your list by whether people own their current homes or rent them. Since owning a residence is a big part of the American dream for many consumers, the ability to sort your list will enable you to identify and contact the people who may have the strongest interest in buying a home.


What a Dialer for Real Estate Agents Can Do

Even if your agents are constantly working the phones by hand, a dialer for real estate can still help your team make more calls faster. An auto dialer for real estate agents can also help ensure your team is working efficiently at all times.

In addition to improving your team’s efficiency, a phone dialer will give you greater control over the way your agency handles its calls and ensures your agents are making the most of every sales opportunity. Did you know that contacting a new lead within one minute of the initial contact can increase your conversion rate by 391 percent? Did you know consumers expect a return call within 24 hours of them contacting your business?

With a phone dialer for real estate agents, you’ll be able to monitor how long it takes your team to return calls, along with plenty of other key performance indicators.

Dialers From EVS7

A phone dialer from EVS7 can enable your team to place more calls in less time, which can yield more closed sales and greater revenue. We have several affordable phone dialer solutions for you to choose from, including:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: At EVS7, we don’t sell dialer systems, we sell solutions. Our Cricket Click Dialer is one of our most popular solutions for real estate agencies. This is a click-to-call solution that can easily double your agents’ call volume. This solution will work seamlessly with your CRM, allowing your agents to move between calls simply by using their computer’s mouse. With five prerecorded voicemail drops, your agents will be able to choose the message they want to use with just one click, saving valuable time and energy. Your team will enjoy truly unlimited calling with our Cricket Click Dialer, and dropped calls will be a thing of the past.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialer: With up to five lines being dialed simultaneously for each of your agents, our Parrot Predictive Dialer maximizes talk time while minimizing downtime. If you choose to add AMD to our Parrot Predictive Dialer solution, your agents will be able to reach even more people because this optional feature can detect answering machines automatically, allowing your agents to move to the next call faster. Our Parrot Predictive Dialer makes things easier on you, too, because it enables you to generate reports you can use to identify areas that need improvement. It also gives you the chance to monitor calls and provide feedback as calls are happening, which can enhance the training you’re able to provide.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Your sales team will never have to dial prospects by hand again with our Dolphin Power Dialer, and you’ll never need to worry about dropped calls or those telemarketer delays so many quality leads find annoying. With the capability of increasing your agency’s call volume by 400 percent, our Dolphin Power Dialer may be the solution you’re looking for to increase your sales and revenue. Our Dolphin Power Dialer gives your agents the ability to transfer calls and initiate conference calls immediately whenever a prospect needs more information than they’re able to provide, which means fewer lost sales opportunities.

Our dialer systems integrate with your CRM instantly with no headaches for you. This makes it simple for your team to start dialing, stay organized and increase their calls and sales. With a phone dialer from us, it really is that simple. Contact EVS7 to learn more about our phone dialers for real estate agents now.

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