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Dialer for Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy Industry

If you’re in the solar energy industry, you’re probably on the constant lookout for quality leads, but have you ever really thought about what a quality lead is? The definition can vary widely, but it’s generally accepted that a quality lead is one that has a pre-existing interest in the goods or services you’re selling.

How can you tell if someone has an interest in the things you’re selling? If a consumer is reaching out to your business for information about your products or services, it’s likely they have an interest in your solar products or services. While it would be nice if you could simply wait for the phone to ring to acquire new business, doing so isn’t enough. This means you sometimes have to rely on other sources for quality leads.

Many solar and energy companies turn to businesses that sell lists of consumers and their contact information for quality leads. Companies that sell consumer lists such as TelephoneLists.Biz acquire contact information in various ways, such as asking people to fill out a contact form in order to see content on a webpage or consulting directories.

How Phone Dialer Software Works for Solar and Energy Companies

Of course, it doesn’t matter how you get your leads or how many you have if you’re not properly equipped to handle them. That’s where phone dialer software for solar companies can help.

When you buy a list of leads, you’ll normally end up with thousands of contacts. This is a good thing as long as you have phone dialer software that will enable you to reach out to the greatest number of contacts in the shortest amount of time possible. Phone dialer software for energy companies from EVS7 enables your sales team to increase its volume of calls by up to 300 percent.

Imagine this: You normally have to make 100 calls just to get one sales appointment, and it takes you all day to complete them. With a dialer for a solar company from us, you can triple your call volume as well as the number of appointments you make each day. Now imagine if this kind of success was replicated by everyone on your sales team. The difference our phone dialer software for solar companies can make is impressive, isn’t it?

Dialer Options at EVS7

EVS7 offers several different phone dialer options that are perfect for solar and energy companies. These options include:

  • Cricket Click Dialer: You can easily double your calls by using our Cricket Click Dialer. Our Cricket Click Dialer enables you to move quickly between calls with the simple click of your mouse. Our innovative solution even allows you to access one-click voicemails, saving your team valuable time that can be used on other calls. You can monitor calls using the Cricket Click Dialer, which can help you identify training opportunities that can lead to more sales for your entire team. Don’t ever drop a call again. Get our Cricket Click Dialer now.
  • Parrot Predictive Dialers: As a general rule, the optimal number of calls that should be placed to a lead is six, because 93 percent of prospects who ultimately make a purchase have been contacted by the time you place that sixth call. This means you don’t just need to call everyone on your lead lists once, you need to call them repeatedly to make a sale in most cases. Our Parrot Predictive Dialer makes it easy for you to reach more of your contacts faster because it can increase your team’s efficiently by 400 percent.
  • Dolphin Power Dialer: Our Dolphin Power Dialer enables your agents to call four times as many leads as they can by hand. This software won’t drop calls and it will automatically disconnect the call if a number is out of service or a line is busy. You can use this state-of-the-art dialer to make notes, send emails and follow up with prospects efficiently. You can even generate reports that will identify your most promising leads, letting your team members focus their efforts on your best prospects first. For even greater efficiency, our Dolphin Power Dialer allows your agents to transfer calls or hold conference calls when someone expresses an immediate interest in your solar products or services.

If you’re in the solar or energy industry, EVS7 can help you increase your call volume. Give us a call or contact us online to learn what our phone dialer software solutions can do for you.

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