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The philosopher Descartes once said “I think, therefore I am.” But he probably wasn’t talking about the moment a prospect says “I need to think about it” after getting all the detailed information about a service or product.

The “I Need to Think About It” Objection

Understanding sales objections and responses is an important part of stronger sales. When a prospect says they “need more time,” they may be someone who likes to deliberate before making decisions. They may also be handing you a golden opportunity to establish value and urgency.

Another option is that the prospect wants to say “no” but is trying to find a more subtle way to do so. They may not have the information they need to make a choice right now or may not be the decision-maker in this situation. Often, “I need to think about it” is the reply prospects give when they have concerns about pricing or budget.

How to Respond to “I Need to Think About It”

This response is not a “no,” so it’s a step in the right direction! The first thing to consider is how often you hear this reply. If it happens frequently, consider your sales process and communication. How clearly do you answer questions like “Why this product or service?” and “Why buy now?” for your customer?

This is not usually the time to increase pressure. If someone has asked for time, they may need the extra space. Be friendly and accommodating, but find out when you can contact the prospect again. Use your CRM system to schedule a follow-up call or contact.

What to Say Next

There are a few ways you can reply. Start by determining whether the prospect is really interested and not just giving you a soft no. Ask “Just to be clear, you are interested in this offer?” You can also ask “Is this a priority right now?” to gauge interest.

After that, determine what parts of the offer need more “thinking about.” Offer to send some more information while the prospect thinks. A simple, “That’s great! While you think about it, is there any information about pricing, options, financing or features I can send you or any other questions I can answer for you right now?” This can help determine if there is a piece of information the prospect still needs to establish before moving to “yes.”

In some situations, a more direct approach may be more appropriate. In these cases, you may wish to ask “What would it take to get a ‘yes’ from you today?” Or you can explain that an offer is only available until a specific date. Ask whether you can call back before that date.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

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