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Virtual Receptionist

There are many choices of virtual receptionist software, but which one is right for your team? We will take you through 6 of the best virtual receptionist software options and help you determine which solution is right for you! 

  • EVS7 FOX – Bring your telephone answering service into the modern era with Fox!
  • RingCentral – Deliver the experience your customers want- anytime, anywhere with anyone!
  • Startel – Agents can PIVOT at any time with the ability to work remotely!
  • Amtelco – Increase revenue, save labor, reduce telephony cost and reduce overhead cost with Amtelco! 
  • Virtual TAS – Enabling anyone with a high-speed internet connection and a computer to start a Telephone Answering Service!
  • nSOlve – Improve operator efficiency and increase business profitability with nSolve!

FOX Answering Service Software

The Fox Answering Service Software is cloud-based and doesn’t require expensive hardware and separate vendors for phone calls. You can have an unlimited number of clients from all kinds of businesses and organizations. When calls come in for each of your clients, based on Caller ID, a custom client screen pops up for your agent who answers the call. The agent will be able to personalize their greetings as if they are a member of each of your client’s staff. Agents can then transfer calls or take messages and send emails or text messages to those clients. When ready to begin work, the agents simply log in to TAS online and can immediately start receiving calls. There is no software to install and no telephone lines are needed.

Pricing & Features

The Fox TAS is $149.00 a month per seat. There is no set up fee.

The Fox Tas offers features like:

  • Cloud-based logins 
  • Built in calling
  • Multi-client support 
  • Reporting 
  • SMS
  • Email Messages
  • Scalability 


  • It is inexpensive and easy to switch, since no hardware or software is needed
  • HIPPA Compliant 


If a DID is needed, it is $2.00 extra per number.


RingCentral offers a Contact Center solution that is seamless, efficient, and flexible. Using intuitive tools like ACD and IVR, the agents will be able to work from anywhere and be able to resolve customer issues fast. Contact Center will reach customers using their preferred channel of communication, making sales convenient and simple. 

Pricing & Features

The cheapest plan available is the Essential plan and it is $19.00 a month per user seat. They have four plans ranging in prices and features available. 

The cheapest package includes ACD, IVR, 3 ports, and 5 GB of active recording storage. 


  • Multilevel interactive voice response (IVR) system 
  • Encrypted video conferencing 


  • Phone true set up can be complicated
  • Per user pricing may be expensive for large teams
  • Four different plans ranging in prices and features, not all inclusive in one package 


Startel Cloud hosts software on secure and redundant servers, and manages the hardware and software for the customer in a stable environment. The Startel Cloud-based solution accommodates organizations of varying sizes, allows access to applications and the ability to communicate with customers at any time from anywhere. 

Pricing & Features

The Startel Cloud is $17,000 in start up fees and $375.00/mo per seat. 

The Startel Cloud offers features like: 

  • Contact Management Center
  • Flexible Agent Interface 
  • SoftSwitch 
  • Enterprise Messaging Services
  • Web Portal
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Voice Services
  • Reporting 


The hardware used for the Startel Cloud has built-in redundancy with failover protection, which would decrease the chance of ever having a server go down.  


  • Pricing is not transparent 
  • Hard to reach agents for support 


Amtelco offers a Virtual call center solution called Genesis that provides skills-based automatic call distribution (ACD), built-in speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice services that improve call routing and management.  

Pricing & Features

The Genesis is $300.00 a month per seat + 20K set up fee. If you want VOIP and texting you must get it from other vendors. 

Genesis offers features like: 

  • Customizable reporting to track metrics
  • Enhanced accountability with call logging/video screen capture
  • Easily connected remote agents
  • On-call scheduling 


Genesis can be deployed on a physical server, virtual server, or in the cloud. Genesis is also good for companies that expect fluctuation in employee size. 


  • The set up fee is very expensive (20k)
  • VOIP and texting are not included 

Virtual TAS

With the Virtual TAS software, you set the pricing for your service and the company charges you a wholesale rate for the services. Virtual TAS provides the Hosted Answering services software along with the phones and phone lines, the only equipment needed is a computer and VOiP telephone headset.

Pricing & Features

The Virtual TAS is $89.00/mo per seat and $1,495.00 is required in set up fees. Add ons not included in price. 

The virtual TAS offers feature like: 

  • Alerts and Escalations 
  • Call Center Management 
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Self Service Portal 


  • Failover calls are sent to cell phones or landlines during power or internet outages 
  • Managers and agents can virtually view calls in queue, and any answered/transferred calls by agents.


  • No set pricing 
  • Not HIPAA Compliant 


nCall offers telephone answering services software that works for virtual receptions and inbound call centers. The software suite is compatible with many phone systems, supports local or in-cloud installations, local or remote operators, and it will streamline your service to enhance your call-handling efficiency. 

Pricing & Features

nSolve telephone answering service software is $80.00/mo for 3-10 users, $75.00/mo for 11-20 users, $70.00/mo for 21-50 users, and $65.00 for 51+ users. 

nSolve telephone answering service software offers features like: 

  • Message-taking tools
  • Call Logging
  • Built-in Softphone 
  • Custom form designer 
  • Client billing reports 
  • Can create unique settings for each client/contact  


The nSolve telephone answering service software is affordable and is all inclusive. 


  • The minimum amount of user seats available is 3
  • Not easily scalable as the company size fluctuates 

To learn more about how to make your call center effective, check out our article on what makes a good call center!

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