Dialer for real estate companies
Dialer for Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Industry When you’re in real estate, it’s vital to have a pipeline of prospects that’s constantly flowing in your favor. You can generate at least a trickle by putting signs with contact information for your company and listing agents in the yards of the properties you’re selling. You can also record the contact

Dialer for Insurance Companies
Dialer for Insurance Companies

Insurance Industry When it comes to selling insurance, all leads aren’t created equally. Clearly, the individuals who contact you about an insurance product are more valuable than the people whose names are included in a cold calling list. While that may be the case, contacting the individuals on a call list is certainly worth your

Contact Center Management
Managing a Contact Center Effectively

Managing a customer contact center can be a difficult task. You may be dealing with anything from a handful of callers to hundreds of them, all attempting to squeeze as many calls as they can into each work period, making one call after another and another. Keeping call center morale up is a big issue,

Sample voicemail script for Prospecting and Following up with Leads

Leaving a voicemail message that is actually done well and generates a return call is somewhat of a dying art.  That is primarily because many people have simply not been trained accurately for leaving voicemail messages.  A great deal of harm can be done to your chances of closing a sale if crafting your voicemail

Call Center Tracking
Call Center Tracking

Cloud Based Call Center Software Results Tracking It is highly suggested that during the Paleolithic era, some twelve to thirty thousand years ago, ancient humans recognized a pattern in the sky that burgeoned our primitive understanding of time, i.e. the changing phases of the moon. Thousands of years later around 3500 B.C.E. people sought a deeper

Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls?

You connect with a prospect and you’re ready to start talking about the offering. It’s a service or product that can change lives. You take a deep breath. “Hi, I’m not home right now, but at the beep…” This scenario is played out thousands of times an hour at call centers across the country. You

Generate Leads Through Inbound Calls
How to Generate Leads through Inbound Calls

Many companies have effectively found how to generate leads through inbound calls using some simple best practices.  Rather than chasing cold prospects, drawing customers to your website and offering useful info or a service they desire makes things a lot easier for the sales team.  Generating a lead from an inbound call is a gift, and there are

Medical Call Center
Choosing a Medical Call Center

A medical industry call center is crucial to stable and supportive communication between healthcare providers and patients. In an industry where locations receive high call volumes and need a guaranteed stable connection, EVS7 can provide a cloud-based calling system that makes answering phones easy and reliable. The Difference Between Standard and Medical Answering Software Medical

Increase Sales Loyalty Agents
What Can Sales People Do to Increase Customer Loyalty?

How can sales be increased? There are two ways — finding new customers and encouraging your existing customers to do business with you again. The second option is more effective, so you’ll want to put some effort into helping your salespeople increase customer loyalty. Finding a new customer requires advertising, marketing, finding leads and closing

Phone Sales Strategies
Selling over the Phone: 4 Tips for Building the Relationship

Creating meaningful customer relationships by selling over the phone does not come naturally for most people, but making the effort can be a night and day different in the way clients and prospects perceive you and your company.  These are some essential strategies that may seem simple, but many sales reps either overlook or don’t