Cloud CRM for Small BusinessCloud CRM helps to manage customer service from centralized locations. Small enterprises are upfront when it comes to choosing the ideal CRM solution as they cater to specific business processes. Cloud CRM solutions enable small businesses to establish congenial relationships with their customers imparting agility to the sales cycle. The blog post discusses five ways through which cloud CRM offers scalability to your small business.

1. Remote Installation and Seamless Access

You don’t need to hire a specialized team of IT professionals to perform the complex installations, upgrades, and maintenance. Being a browser-based solution, all you need is an internet connection and you can sign-in to use it. It reduces the additional expenses of paying for the maintenance of hardware, server or the software. In addition, you also get easy access to all files from anywhere as you have the access to the centralized database. It is particularly beneficial during odd office hours when you need to complete some urgent work.

2. Robust Security

Small businesses are hesitant to adopt cloud CRM solutions due to reasons of data security. Companies offering Cloud CRM solutions safeguard your data by providing additional security layers and strong password policies as they are are responsible for protecting your confidential information. They outline a clear backup and restore mechanism in case of data loss.

3. Flexible Features

Small businesses generally start with only those features that are necessary for their current work. As the organization expands, there is a need to upgrade the features to meet the relevant needs. Businesses have the flexibility to switch to more advanced features of cloud CRM that instantly to cater to the growing needs. All you need is to log a request through a call or support ticket and get the feature added to your CRM solution without any delay.

4. Enhanced Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the essential features that makes cloud CRM a preferred choice among small businesses. You can integrate cloud CRM solutions with your existing email solution or lead generation software. You can automate the workflow such as texting and emails for follow-ups, wrapping up leads on time with streamlined service delivery.

5. Better Reliability

Small businesses may face financial losses if the system they rely on crashes. Such problems never occur when you use a cloud CRM system as there is a backup for all the parts of the cloud. It implies that every component including the server has replicas in the Cloud. If there is a crash, it will be replaced immediately, but there will be no disruption in the system.

The Way Forward

High budget CRM solutions are still out of the equation for small enterprises, and so they prefer cloud CRM that offers “pay as you use” solutions to suit specific needs. If you are looking for a leading sales software, you can choose Koala Inside Sales by EVS7. It has a user-friendly console and helps your team in improving customer interactions leading to increases sales closures.

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