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While multifaceted and fast-moving, call centers used to be a relatively straightforward operation — in-house agents would begin every day with a call list and work their way through a lineup of customers, clients or cold calls. They would recruit more service, work through conflicts with customers and answer calls to address complaints, concerns and unresolved issues. While simple in theory, this outdated definition of a call center was significantly less effective because of its manual nature and limited technological means in terms of call speed, volume and technique. With an ever-evolving environment of technological advancement and shifting consumer preferences, trends in the call center industry are evolving as well. As an industry professional in sales, insurance, real estate, credit card processing or any other business that utilizes telemarketing and customer service operations, you’re probably interested in keeping up with where the call center industry is headed. We’ll connect you quickly! Here are the top call center trends of the future.

1. Seamless Interactions

It used to be that callers and customers were accustomed to and comfortable with waiting in lines, calling back later or holding indefinitely due to high call volume at any particular call center. With the increasingly busier schedules and more immediate expectations of consumers today, however, no one wants to wait on hold for half an hour to receive the customer service they called for. If they run into regular delays with calls or issues resolving their requests as quickly as possible, customers are less likely to continue paying for the service of a company, which can result in low customer retention rates for businesses behind on technological trends. To ensure seamless interactions wherever, whenever, however and for whatever the customer wants, many companies are incorporating AI-powered agents and technologies, which provide a personalized experience and can address most needs without redirecting the call to a human agent — effectively balancing large call volumes and streamlining customer satisfaction. This trend will only increase in the future.

2. Cloud Communications

Call center software used to take up a significant amount of disk space when it came to both operations and storing customer information, but one of the call center industry trends of today takes away digital storage concerns completely — because everything is in the cloud. With both unlimited storage space and the allowance for much wider webs of communication, cloud communication technologies like EVS7’s Parrot Predictive Dialer offer the seamless, collaborative communication technologies of the future.

3. Digital Transformation

The old, standby software of the classic call center industry is already outdated, replaced by increasingly advanced technologies that increase speed, performance, storage and call capability. With advancements like machine-to-machine communication, unified omnichannel communications, collaboration tools and more, technology is changing the face of the call center industry for the better, improving both company productivity and customer satisfaction. With world-class power dialers and predictive call software, EVS7 can help your call center propel itself into the future too! Contact us today to request a free demo of one of our incredible tools.

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