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Features of Inside Sales Software

If your business operates a call center or is into telemarketing, investing in a call center software can bring numerous advantages to your calling processes. Gone are the days when traditional call centers ruled the roost. A cloud-based call center solution is far better than any traditional option due to factors such as low initial cost, payment model, abundance of features, 24/7 remote support, easy upgrades, and scalability. A cloud-based CRM-cum-dialer improves your customer service, boosts efficiency, productivity of your call agents, and offers enhanced reporting metrics to management.

Choosing the Right Call Center Software

Understanding the indispensable need and significance of inside sales software in the success of all telemarketing campaigns is just part of the success equation as you still have to face the challenge of selecting the right calling solution from the numerous options on the market. The ideal call center software is the one that performs optimally to meet the needs of your clients/customers and sales reps, and deliver ultimate customer experience. This blog post helps you choose an ideal inside sales software for the growth and success of your business.

What to Look For in a Calling Software?

  1. Easy-of-use: Choose an agent-friendly calling software that focuses on simplicity and navigation. If you opt for an easy-to-use inside sales software, your sales agents can accomplish workflows and robust tasks in fewer clicks, giving you shorter sales cycles and time savings.
  2. Marketing Automation: A comprehensive and powerful calling software is the one that acts as a marketing automation tool. It must gift your marketing department the ability to market effectively to various online channels. These include emails, websites, social media, and short message service (SMS). Your sales reps can even send personalized voicemails to customers with just one click. Choosing a sales acceleration software helps you manage your team with maximum efficiency, track sales, and nurture more leads.
  3. Customization: Another important feature to look for in a call center software solution is its customization potential. Always look for a software that allows you to customize it according to your needs.
  4. Affordability: You should go for a software that offers you unlimited calling at economical rates. Some companies sell calling software with a minimum requirement of three users and hardly charge any setup fees for setup and customization. They also offer training to your sales reps on working with the software.
  5. Extensive Reporting: The software should extensive reporting features, extend support to planning for individuals and teams, setting of goals and evaluation of actual sales performance against standard performance. Built-in reminders in the software ensure follow-up on action items. This all-inclusive reporting aids in measuring sales growth and ROI.
  6. Exceptional Customer Service: Customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an inside sales software. It must reduce waiting waiting time for customers and allow for a smooth flow of calls. Agents must be able to respond in less than an hour to emails, chats, and calls.
  7. Business Tools Integrations: Business Tools Integrations is one of the most indispensable inside sales software features that you ought to consider. This feature helps integrate your inside sales software with your current customer helpdesk, customer relationship management (CRM) software, e-commerce, social networking, marketing platforms, and chat with one click. This feature enhances the efficiency and productivity of your sales team. A Telesales’ software with the right bus integration and marketing automation attributes is a game-changer for your telemarketing campaign.
  8. Flexibility: Buy a flexible cloud-based calling software. This kind of software allows your sales reps access to a wide range of call center features while working remotely from anywhere in the world. Your sales agents can easily make and receive calls, monitor live calls, involve in call conferencing and access reporting in real-time. A cloud-based calling software offers more flexibility than hosted and on-premise inside sales software as it integrates with other software using open Application Program Interface (API). Cost-effectiveness, ease of deployment, better security, privacy, and unmatched uptime come handy with cloud-based calling solutions.
  9. Call Monitoring: A Sales Coaching feature is another essential prerequisite for an inside sales software. Call monitoring, barging, and coaching allows you to listen in on calls and barge in, if needed. Every call center has strengths and weaknesses. If the manager can play to their strengths and make data-driven decisions to cope with their weaknesses, customer dissatisfaction, and other issues.
  10. Inbound Call Routing: Call centers can take advantage of an inbound call routing feature, which allows your sales reps to route callers to an ideal sales agent, find out which customer is calling and why, thus, placing you in an ideal position to offer maximum satisfaction, and a personalized experience to customers. This feature also helps you get comprehensive and real-time metrics about your telemarketing campaign.


Call Center Experts and statistics indicate that a cloud-based calling software is the future of enterprise call solutions. There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing an inside sales software and provider. Know what you need and what to look for before entering the market.

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