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Your sales team is one of your best assets, and they can feel like family. You’ve invested in them, trained them and believed in them, cheering on their hard work attracting clients. Part of running your call center or business, though, is making sure you have the right people in the right seats.

When to Fire a Sales Rep

Not every under-performing sales person deserves the golden handshake. But there are a few signs you need to let someone go:

  • They hurt your company reputation: If a sales rep talks down about the company, lies to customers, is rude to customers or otherwise paints your company as uncaring or unprofessional, it may be time to let them go.
  • They hurt other team members: Accusations of workplace harassment, bullying and rudeness are serious. Getting rid of someone who is not a team player can improve overall morale and help other salespeople shine.
  • They cannot do the job: You can train someone, offer coaching and work with them. However, if they are not able to hit sales targets, show up on time or manage their tasks, they simply may not be able to do the work.
  • They won’t take responsibility: Someone who is not hitting targets but who gets serious about training and doing better can still be a valuable asset. Someone who does not try or simply blames others just is not bringing their A-game.

Deciding When to Pull the Plug

Consider firing a sales agent when:

  • You have spoken to HR or an attorney: Talk to your attorney or HR first to make sure you follow the right protocol to avoid a wrongful dismissal claim.
  • You have had tough discussions: Give your salesperson a chance to work through it with training and performance reviews, including constructive criticism they can build on. At that point, the ball is in their court. Keep records of how you’ve made the sales rep aware of the problems and steps taken to help them. This can make the conversation about new opportunities a little easier.
  • The salesperson has done something truly egregious: If your employee has violated the law or company policies, you may have no choice but to terminate their contract immediately to protect your team.

Allowing a sales agent to walk away can be the best thing both for the rep and the company. A person who is not thriving at your organization will be able to go out and seek opportunities that are the right fit. Plus, your company may be more effective and happier overall with a team who is passionate and proficient at sales.

Helping Your Sales Reps

To help your sales reps do their job, communication resources are essential. User-friendly phone dialer software, business phone systems, lead provider software and other products save your reps time and allow for easier communication with leads. If your system can use updating, contact EVS7 to learn about our solutions or sign up for a free trial.

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