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Cloud contact centers have become an integral part of call center business, as they eliminate the need for a cumbersome IT infrastructure and associated maintenance costs. Organizations looking for a robust cloud contact center solution, however, need to be wary of some of the quintessential aspects before signing on the dotted line. This blog post discusses four questions every call center business must ask before choosing a cloud contact center solution.    

1. What will be the deployment time?

The deployment time of the cloud contact center can be a game changer, especially when you can’t sacrifice a substantial time on setting up your call center. Even if the cloud contact center is equipped with features such as remote access, it is imperative to check out the rolling-out time of the cloud contact center solution. If the deployment time is a few minutes or a period of a few days, the solution is worth giving a shot.

2. What will be the trial period?

A call center needs to try and test all the features that a cloud contact center solution promises before opting for a monthly, semi-annual or an annual agent subscription. As a call center owner, you need to ask the trial period of the solution in order to test the various features such as reporting, intelligent routing, Automatic Call Distribution and Interactive Voice Response mechanisms. Testing the features initially is beneficial especially when you need to take the final call.

3. Is it hosted on a private or public cloud?

The location of the cloud contact center hosting determines its reliability and scalability. Private hosting systems are kept on the vendor’s site, run on centralized servers, and possess the same vulnerabilities as on-premise solutions such as single point of failures and downtimes. Public cloud hosting solutions, on the other hand, are dispersed across several locations, minimizing the risk of single point of failures offering a greater level of reliability and scalability.

4. What about scalability and customization?

A cloud contact center needs to be capable of scaling up with the growing requirements of your business. A few questions to gauge the scalability of your cloud contact center are as follows:
  • Can you add or remove agents in seconds?
  • Is the system capable of handling intermittent or constant high call volumes?
  • What will be the frequency of rolled out updates and will it cause any downtimes?
  • What will be the response time of the support staff?
If the service provider fails to provide satisfactory answers to these questions, it is advisable to move to the next software solution that you shortlisted.

The Way Forward

Organizations can get optimum results for their call center, provided they use the right cloud contact center that suits their business requirements. If you are looking for a reliable cloud contact center, EVS7 provides scalable call center solution with a limited time offer per agent. We follow a 360-degree approach in order to set up your first cloud contact center quickly with hands-on training. To learn more about what we have in store, feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives for a no obligation consultation.

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