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Preview Dialer

You may have already heard of the preview dialer (better known as a power dialer) – but did you know that there are all of these amazing advantages to using a preview dialer?  It can work extremely efficiently for sales professionals or as outbound call center software.

1. Say goodbye to dropped calls.

With a preview dialer, you will never have to experience the horrible dropped calls and lost leads, keeping your spirits up throughout your working day!

2. There are no delays in the call being connected.

This is the number one reason why people realize that they are being contacted by a telemarketer, and can often make them hang up. With a preview dialer, there is no delay, and so you can talk to them immediately.

3. Preview your potential customer’s information.

When you are calling hundreds if not thousands of people in one day, it is really useful to have the customer’s details up on the screen throughout the call – which is what the preview dialer offers.

4. Save a huge amount of time.

You’ll be amazed at just how much time you can save while you work with a preview dialer –and you’ll even be prepared by having you all of their information pulled up.

5. Let the preview dialer do the hard work.

Being a telemarketer can be a difficult business, which is why having a preview dialer is really the only way to go. It has revolutionised the telemarketing business, and you should not be going without it.

6. More cash in your pocket.

Preview dialers are typically less expensive than predictive dialers. On top of that, the connections you make are usually better and with a higher conversion rate due to less dropped calls and the telemarketer delay that frustrates consumers.

In conclusion, using telemarketing sofware is important, and using a preview dialer is the best choice for most users because of the above mentioned features.

Still confused about the differences between a Preview or Power Dialer and a Predictive Dialer?  See our predictive dialer comparison.


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