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Certain times of the year, like the holidays or tax season, may be hectic and busy for your call center, with sales spikes and increased customer interactions all around. You might find that you need to hire extra seasonal employees to help support the regular operations of your call center. If your call center is unprepared for this influx of activity, you may find yourself swamped in long wait times, unsatisfactory resolutions and unhappy customers. When you’re hiring seasonal call center employees, it’s best to find that delicate balance between training them to handle the workload and making them feel welcome while maintaining resources and keeping overhead down. While managing and training seasonal employees may seem intimidating, with a few helpful hints, getting through the holiday season can be easy, productive and efficient.

How to Train Call Center Seasonal Agents

When customers reach out to your call center for help, they need to receive the same consistent service whether they’re speaking to a seasoned professional or a fresh seasonal agent. That means you need to provide your seasonal call center agents with adequate training and resources to deliver the same smooth and seamless services throughout their tenure as your regular staff. To help your seasonal employees reach their maximum potential and deliver exceptional support, implement the following agent training tips:
  • Make seasonal workers feel welcome: Even though your seasonal agents are going to be with your call center for a limited period, take the time and effort to make them feel like a part of your regular team and let them know how they contribute to your overall company goals and successes. Create a supportive training and work environment, and keep them integrated with the rest of your team to encourage productivity and long-term morale.
  • Keep their role basic: With seasonal agents, it’s best not to overwhelm them — keep your training simple and straightforward by carefully and clearly defining what type of role the seasonal call center employees will take on. Let them handle requests from a specialized queue. That way, the temps can quickly become experts in a niche topic and provide the most effective support. Also, tell them what types of projects they won’t be working on to reduce errors and unnecessary mistakes.
  • Create helpful job tools and post-training support: Make sure your temporary employees can quickly and easily find answers to any type of question or request they might encounter. Make a helpful FAQ page with commonly asked questions from several departments so that they can be more productive, efficient and successful.
For more information on how to best train seasonal employees and other call center management tips, check out EVS7’s helpful, entertaining YouTube channel.

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