2022 Customer Service

Customer service trends are always changing as the times change. It’s important to stay up-to-date and relevant on what customer service practices are working. Let’s make sure you are in the know by looking at the top 6 trends for 2022! 

1. The Popularity of Customer Service Chatbots Is Rising

Because of the increase in online shopping, chatbots have become the preferred communication channel when using a company site. This doesn’t just apply to larger companies, small businesses find chatbots to be helpful as well.  

Research has shown that customers like to try getting answers quickly and on their own before reaching out to an agent. Chatbots handle both of those desires that customers have. Having the ability to provide real-time support will increase your companies chances at retaining those customers and will help to improve their customer experience. 

2. Personalization Is Even More Important

Customers don’t want to be just a number to the company, they want to feel valued. By customizing a customer’s experience, the company will be able to establish a relationship quickly and build trust in the company. 

Many companies have already integrated personalized communication into the buying experience, so if you are failing to customize the experience now, you are likely losing those customers to the competitors. 

With the use of tools like a CRM, artificial intelligence, and power dialers, companies can add personalized touches to many aspects of the buying experience. The key here is to keep customer information up-to-date and communicate regularly with the customer.  

3. AI Automation Is Now Better

Managers often fear automating the call center processes because they think it will take away the human-to-human aspect. Although this can happen, it can also be avoided. In finding a balance between automation and the human aspect, AI can be integrated and make a positive impact. For instance, you can automate your emails for campaigns, but when a response is made to the automated email an agent can be assigned to the prospect for further communication. 

Not only does AI also allow the agents to focus on more important tasks, but it saves you time and money! 

Here are some of the benefits of call center automation:

  • Higher agent engagement
  • Fewer human errors
  • Expanded service hours and channels
  • Reduced cost per interaction
  • Future-proof

4. Customer Service Teams Will Continue to Work From Home

Find qualified and experienced customer service agents by expanding your pool to choose from. Allowing your customer service agents to work remotely is the best way to ensure you get the best agents for the job. When there are limitations to who you can choose due to commute time, you limit the amount of candidates available for the job. 

Furthermore, remote work is a desire that many younger employees want, so having the option will also boost morale and encourage productivity. With the use of a power dialer you can monitor/whisper coach and use other tools to keep the same synergy that you would have if everyone were in a centralized office. 

5. Self-Service Keeps Growing

The modern customer wants to help themselves. Since many of the younger generations have grown up using the internet, they rely heavily upon it. For years, consumers have been able to find out the answers to their questions through the use of Google and the many other search engines available. 

This is why having self-service as an option through the company channels is crucial. It will be able to accommodate the preferences of the self service customer, while also accommodating the older generations who prefer to be helped. 

6.  Pay Attention to Real-Time Customer Support

If possible, free up some of your agent’s time or hire agents specifically for real-time customer support. So many purchases never happen because the customer wasn’t helped fast enough. 

When a company is slow to respond, the customer feels that the company doesn’t need or want their business. It also makes a statement to the customer that you don’t value their time, concerns, or questions. 

We live in a fast paced world in the western culture and that means customers’ expectations are for fast and friendly service. Avoid losing the customers simply because the agents didn’t respond fast enough and put emphasis on real-time customer support. 

 Next, let’s work on your customer service strategy!

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