Running a Call Center

When you run a call center, you’re facilitating a complex operation that balances employee performance, energy, technique and speed with customer variability, needs, recruitment and retainment — not to mention the operation and upkeep of the machinery that makes so many connections possible and keeps calls circulating. In other words, you have a lot of balls in the air at once, and sometimes, one area or another can suffer while you’re juggling.

Depending on the type of call center you run, the biggest factor is having the right outbound call center software or inbound call center software for your company.

Whether you’re in customer service, insurance, real estate, telemarketing, credit card processing, collections or another industry that requires high-speed, high-performance communication, you’re probably searching for answers on the most difficult parts of running a call center and how to overcome them. To keep your business booming, we’ll help you understand and optimize your operations for the best outcomes. Here are the three biggest challenges for call centers and how you can turn them around.

1.  Employee Dissatisfaction and Agent Attrition

Stop for a moment and picture the daily life and challenges of one of your call agents. They wake up every day and make their way into work — often in space-limiting cubicles — to face nine or more hours of placing and answering repetitive or frustrating calls to and from dissatisfied customers or uninterested cold call recipients. They make transfers, keep track of customer issues, try to solve countless problems for voices on the phone and work their way through seemingly insurmountable call lists.

Hung up on customer frustration and complaints while trying to balance their quotas for the day at modest pay rates with little room for career growth, your employees can reasonably become frustrated, dissatisfied or unmotivated — which, in turn, leads to poor performance, a high rate of attrition and a low turnover rate for most call center companies. Studies show that employee burnout and attrition are some of the biggest challenges call centers face, and the loss of well-trained agents leads to further issues and costs regarding resources spent on recruitment, hiring and training.

To keep employees happier and more motivated, call centers should offer the best training, more competitive pay and a way for agents to stay on top of their call lists more easily. By offering top-tier calling technology that works to streamline call processes and enhance speed, EVS7 can help your employees triple their productivity.

2. Low Customer Satisfaction Rates

When it comes to cold calling, customer service and surveys, sometimes it can be difficult to keep happy callers on the line. In fact, about a quarter of call volumes at call centers are related to unresolved issues and dissatisfied customers. For the number of unhappy customers that do call to complain, however, there is a significantly higher amount of customers that will simply leave without notice or the attempt to resolve their dissatisfaction.

To prevent dissatisfaction and increase retention, provide your customers with a more personalized, easier call experience by introducing interactive software from EVS7.

3. Excessive Tools and Technology

Call centers with outdated software can sometimes require multiple tools to perform daily tasks, answer queries, place calls and make connections, which backs up tasks and decreases speed while unnecessarily complicating operations and administration. Instead of spending excessive time and money on multiple software tools, use EVS7’s simple, single-tool power dialers and predictive call technology to streamline your processes and increase satisfaction for both your employees and customers. Request a free demo today to see how our tools can revolutionize your call center.

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