Call center software for your small business Think you have what it takes to be an exceptional call center agent? You may be surprised about the traits that make a good agent. The career demands creativity, communication and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment without breaking a sweat. It’s why the industry has such a high turnover rate — but you may have what it takes to become the greatest call center agent yet. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Find out below the five traits that make an excellent call center agent.


Communication is required when it comes to call center agent skills, but being a world-class communicator sets agents apart from one another. Your communication skills extend beyond speaking to encompass listening to and understanding a customer’s needs.


Memorization is something new call center agents struggle with, as there’s a lot of information to digest. You have the appetizer of company values followed by the main course of company products and finally the dessert of company policies. If you’re able to memorize this detailed information, you’re on your way to becoming a one-of-a-kind agent.


Creativity is a call center agent skill most people don’t expect. Agents with a talent for creativity, however, can help meet a caller’s unique needs — which may not be detailed in the company’s script — through customized solutions. These solutions can then be incorporated into your center’s policies and used for similar future calls. Satisfied customers, thanks to creative agents, also end their call with a positive view of your company.


Speed is a key trait for making a good call center agent. It’s also a skill employers value, because agents need to process calls fast in order to move on and help more clients in turn. If you’re a speedy call center agent, you also have first dibs on the nickname “Road Runner” or “Speedy Gonzalez.” You’ll also find that your callers will be a bit more pleasant if they’ve had a shorter waiting time.


Organization is one of the most important skills for a call center agent. Because you’re working in a fast-paced environment, as well as modifying client accounts and documents, it’s essential you’re organized to prevent mistakes. Call centers often help agents reach a certain level of organization through software that makes calling and writing customer notes easier and more seamless for your call center team. If you have the traits of a good call agent, you’re almost guaranteed there’s a call center manager interested in having you as part of their team. An excellent addition to any call center team is also a proven VoIP software package, as noted above. It helps your agents build their skills and excel in their positions. If you’re interested in seeing what dialer service software can do for your center, try a demo or trial of one of our software programs, which provide free and unlimited calling.

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