Best SIP Softphone
Best SIP Softphone

What is SIP Softphone Software? What is a softphone, and how can it help you with your business? Softphone technology simply refers to the ability to make calls from your computer or similar digital device without using traditional telephone equipment or phone lines. You make your calls using VoIP, or Voice-over Internet Protocol, using SIP,

VoIP for All Business Types

VoIP for All Business Types Phone service has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call back in 1876. Bell made the call in Boston, phoning up his assistant in the next room. Nearly 40 years later, phone lines stretched across the U.S. from the east coast to the west. Although

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Be Using VoIP

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Be Using VoIP Businesses now have many ways to get in touch with clients, such as email and chat. But it’s likely that you still use phone service for the bulk of your communications. If your company has a call center, people might regularly call you to discuss concerns or

Switching From Landline to VoIP Technology

Switching From Landline to VoIP Technology You’ve done it! You made the decision that switching from landline to VoIP is the right move for your organization. Believe it or not, that’s the hardest part of the landline to VoIP switching process. Now that you’ve taken the first step toward making the change, it’s time to

Choosing the Best VoIP Provider for Your Business

Choosing the Best VoIP Provider for Your Business Landlines are so 2000. Pretty soon, you’ll be hiring new grads who have never used a landline in their life! If your business continues to use landlines, though, don’t worry. There’s still time to upgrade your system, and it’s easy to do. You just have to choose the

IVR Auto Attendant Benefits

IVR Auto Attendant Benefits When you think of most customer service call systems, you probably think about the automated message that picks up first and asks you to key in your selection. “If you know your party’s extension, please dial it now. If you need billing assistance, please press one. If you’d like to talk

Individual Call Recording Benefits

Individual Call Recording Benefits “This call may be recorded.” As callers, we hear that all the time, but is it something your agents are saying? If not, your business is missing out on many advantages that come with call recording. Call recording helps you understand the needs of your customers, allowing you to better prepare