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The dynamism of tele-based companies has drastically changed. Tele-based companies, specifically call or contact centers, face new challenges and are constantly looking for new and efficient solutions to make their work easier. Tele-based companies may lose useful leads and fail to maximize ROI due to various complexities such as the inability to reach clients within the specified times or a failed mechanism of old automated dialer systems. The advanced, predictive dialling software incorporating algorithms and a statistical approach, has emerged as the ideal solution to solve challenges and complexities faced by call centers and other tele-based businesses and further enhance ROI. Algorithms and an analytical approach, enhance the effectiveness of automated dialer systems. For instance, a predictive dialer system may help in deciding the perfect time in which an agent needs a call. Let’s discuss how a predictive dialer doubles your business’ ROI.

Manage and Save Time

Inbuilt algorithm and statistical approach clubbed with a VoIP predictive dialer predicts when call agents can call clients or customers. The predicted time is the time when clients and customers are available to take a call. A predictive dialer also predicts the time when a call agent may finish a current call. By this prediction, when the call-agent is about to end their call, the dialer dials the next client. Predictive dialers can save a call agents’ time and improves the organization’s time management.

Enhance Productivity

One of the many problems faced in telemarketing efforts is the long time taken in connecting the calls and maintaining a record of unanswered calls. Manual dialing takes about 30 seconds a call and if the call is left unanswered, the call-agent needs to keep a record of all unanswered calls and try again later. Use of a predictive dialer eliminates these problems by offering a quick-fix. Predictive dialers reduce the call connecting time and also places calls according to client availability. This tool increases the call agents’  productivity by around 400 percent.

Real-time Feedback

Predictive dialers help in giving real-time feedback to managers of tele-businesses. By using the predictive dialer, the manager can efficiently monitor and keep an eye on the performance and productivity of call agents.

Motivate Call-Agents

Finally, predictive dialers help in maximizing the success rate of calls made by agents. The vast  success rate keeps call-agents highly motivated to work.


The numerous features of predictive dialers make the solution ideal in solving all the known complexities inherent in any telemarketing effort. According to research findings, predictive dialers enhance tele-businesses sales by around 50 percent, meaning a 100 percent increase in profit. It is therefore, not wrong to conclude that adopting a predictive dialer system pushes your ROI up. If you have any questions regarding a predictive dialer system, feel free to consult our experts.

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