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Automated Calling Systems

Automated calling systems are widely used by companies who value efficiency and time management, which is another way of saying the majority of companies. Automated calling systems have only grown more popular over the years as technology advances and that makes for even better results. 

What is an Automated Phone Call System?

An automated phone call system is a cloud-based or software based tool that allows call center agents to quickly make calls, answer calls, and handle calls. This tool can be found on a computer and will require wifi and a headset in order for the agent to speak with customers. 

Automated phone call systems are designed to take away as many of the manually and tedious tasks that agents would normally have to do if they were hand dialing. For instance, agents can quickly upload customer information into the built in CRM or add a follow-up date while on the phone with a customer. 

Types of Automated Phone Call Systems

There are two types of automated phone call systems: outbound and inbound. While an automated phone call system has a lot of the same features for both types of calling, they do have a few differences to accommodate the goals that need to be accomplished.

Outbound Automated Calling Systems

Outbound calling focuses on making calls to customers in order to produce leads and sales. Outbound calling systems are designed to help the agent do cold calling. Since outbound leads normally haven’t had contact with the company, the amount of calls hung up or shorter call durations can be high. Systems designed for outbound calling will include features like power dialing, lead status setting, voicemail drops and other useful tools to help the agent get through numbers fast and effectively. 

A Power Dialer is an automated telephone system that dials phone numbers one at a time rapidly. Once a call is finished, the dialer immediately dials the next number on the list automatically. The agent will be able to hear the prospect say “Hello” and speak to them as if it were a normal phone call.  If you want to dive deeper, check out our detailed article on what is a power dialer and how it works.

Inbound Automated Calling Systems

Inbound calling is when a prospect calls the company looking to purchase or with interest to learn more. Since the prospect has researched and knows what the company offers, the agent will likely have a higher success rate for a sale. Inbound calling systems are designed to help the agent answer questions and resolve issues while on the phone so they can quickly sell to the customer, set an appointment, etc. With this type of calling the duration of the call will likely last longer because the prospect has interest in the company. Some of the main tools you will find in an inbound calling system will include omni channel communication, client detail records, multi-call handling ability, etc. 

The Fox  Answering Service Software is cloud-based and doesn’t require expensive hardware and separate vendors for phone calls. You can have an unlimited number of clients from all kinds of businesses and organizations. When calls come in for each of your clients, based on Caller ID, a custom client screen pops up for your agent who answers the call. The agent will be able to personalize their greetings as if they are a member of each of your client’s staff. Agents can then transfer calls or take messages and send emails or text messages to those clients. When ready to begin work, the agents simply log in to TAS online and can immediately start receiving calls. There is no software to install and no telephone lines are needed.

Benefits of Automated Phone Call Systems

The pros of automation phone call systems are abundant. The most obvious pro is the value of time and how much of it you will be saving, but there are many other pros like:

  • Increased the productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved accuracy and an accelerated sales process
  • Preventing sales leads from falling out of the sales pipeline
  • Adds quality to the sales tasks
  • Reduces response time (which can increase customer satisfaction)
  • Can help the sales data be consistent across your sales organization
  • Maximizes the use of your sales team
  • Decrease the costs of sales
  • Receive automated data reports
  • Keep records and collect data
  • Minimize human error

There is a system for everyone, including you! 

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